Nov. 19th, 2014

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but how about an Avengers' Night Court AU?
  • Judge Steve Rogers, a pragmatic yet not-entirely conventional judge who cares more about the people than the harshest application of the law. Has a background in (it's rumoured) show business and the military.
  • Prosecutor Tony Stark, whose flashy suits are second only to his eccentric personality
  • Public Defender James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, whose all-business demeanor doesn't quite hide his kind character. Tony and Rhody went to law school together and are BFFs outside the courtroom.
  • Bailiffs Natasha Romanoff and Thor Odinson. Thor has been known to flex his biceps to get defendants to fall in line. Of the two, Natasha is much more efficient.
  • Court Clerk Clint Barton, who was once on the USA Olympic team for archery, but now clerks as his 'night job' while also managing a run-down apartment building with a set of wacky tenants (who occasionally drop by). Tries to sneak his dog Lucky into the courtroom, claiming that Lucky is a “hearing-ear” service dog (Steve looks the other way). Lucky occasionally steals pizza from Tony's plate during the evening meal break.
  • Veterans' Advocate Sam Wilson, who is an occasional guest star when former military personnel before the courts request his services. Through the course of the first season, Sam and Steve become running partners.
  • Cafeteria manager Bruce Banner, who started in the cafeteria years before as community service for various anger-related issues. Stays on because he likes the place. Tony and Bruce are good friends.
  • James “Bucky” Barnes, who doesn't seem to have a job but hangs around all night in the Judge's chambers, acting as sounding board for Steve. We find out in season two that Bucky and Steve used to be involved (and that the reason Steve left the military was DADT). Recurring love interest for Steve.
  • And lastly, Nick Fury, the retired Night Court judge who drops in now and again to sit in the front row of the court and heckle silently with the raising of his eyebrows. Has a tendency to bring Twizzlers.
(I posted this on Tumblr yesterday but wanted to share it here too :)
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From the DW Friending Meme crowd: Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

So, ask in comments and I'll put things in here!

(k i'm cheating i only got two asks so i'm talking to myself)

Dec 1: What are you watching on netflix?
Dec 2: first fandom(s)
Dec 3: Non fandom hobbies?
Dec 4: any fictional genres you don't like? 
Dec 5: anything you wish you could have, but can't?
Dec 6: what are you current TV  shows?
Dec 7: why so many crossovers?
Dec 8: OPT?
Dec 9: NoTP?
Dec 10: any upcoming creative endeavours?
Dec 11: What are your favorite kinds of AU and why? (from [personal profile] schneefink
Dec 12: 
Dec 13: the one that got away (fic or fandom)
Dec 14: fave character?
Dec 15: any celebs around whom you don't get the hype?
Dec 16: any celebs you didn't get the hype at first?
Dec 17: Vala Mal Doran! Anything about Vala. (from [personal profile] antonomasia )
Dec 18: 
Dec 19:  
Dec 20: any media you enjoy but didn't get into the fandoms?
Dec 21:
Dec 22:
Dec 23:
Dec 24:
Dec 25:
Dec 26:
Dec 27:
Dec 28:
Dec 29:
Dec 30:
Dec 31:
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Hey all who are here from the friending meme :) I'm mostly here for fandom stuff - I'm a writer and I fanfic, as well as meta and have occasional thoughts about fictional things. My links to various places are on the sidebar of my blog page.

Um so yeah in RL I live in British Columbia, work in communications. I don't know what else I could put here... oh well you can always ask if you want to know anything.

My main fandom at the moment is MCU, and Natasha Romanoff is my favourite. Stargate is my secondary at the moment, at least in the writing side of things, but yeah lots of fandoms where I like to poke around and read the meta and reblog gifsets on Tumblr. 

And unrelated - I'm watching the pilot of Criminal Minds on netflix right now - that was a very good pilot (filmed in Vancouver btw).


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