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mhalachai ([personal profile] mhalachai) wrote2016-07-24 06:38 pm

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i went for a walk with my mother this morning at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary this morning and then we somehow ended up in the Ladner Farmer’s Market which had probably double the normal population of Ladner shoved into a two-block radius. It was great.

The above is a panorama I took from the lookout tower facing west - off to the extreme left is Deltaport; in the right you can see North Vancouver on the horizon.

Not many birds at this time of year; ducks, Canada geese, some chickadees, and a few blue herons. Some old dude was saying he saw a bald eagle up a tree but that’s pretty common in the area too.

All in all, I can tell you that I’m not cut out for birding.

Oh, and I was outside for 90 minutes (with sunscreen) and I didn’t burn too badly. A win.