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I keep meaning to come back to this place to post, but you know how it goes. I was poking around my old entries and I think it's interesting how I'm less likely to talk about myself online these days. Part of it is the 'do I really want this on tumblr" but also I'm apathetic :P

So I'm going to try to make at least one post a week on DW/LJ and we'll see how things go.

Also, if anyone has any questions or comments, drop them into comments :D
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originally posted on Tumblr

It was a good morning for a race - it stopped raining as I was driving down, then picked up again on kilometre 9 along with the wind, but we did it! Those poor folks running the full marathon though. Anyway, me and my mum did the 10km in just over 2 hours. Not bad for someone who’s slacked off on her training.

For those not familiar with BC, here’s Boundary Bay.

We started on the left hand side of the map, east side of Tsawwassen ((/təˈwɑːsən/; from North Straits Salish: [səˈwɑːsən] or [tsəˈwɑːsən], meaning "facing the ocean")), where that little dip in the shoreline is, then curved north and east around the bay. For the Americans in the audience, Point Roberts is an American exclave like Alaska and a few points in Minnesota.

Some picture from the 10K shamble race:


Birds flying in formation overhead. Also, at the 5km turn around, I heard someone firing a shotgun at the passing birds. In a Canadian provincial park. Like, what the hell is that even.

The start of the race and the top of my head - the dude on the bike was medical, I think.

here is the sun shining through a gap in the clouds over the bay


Some dude running the half-marathon passes the 1km-to-go mark with us


Post-race bacon-blue-cheese-mushroom burger at the Roadhouse.
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Kollega over on AO3 has translated my Bones/Torchwood crossover, Old Bones, into Russian: Старые кости. So neat!

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, it’s my solution to the Gormogon case, focusing on Angela Montenegro and Jack Harkness. It’s one of those stories I look at, seven years later (O_O) and wonder why I can’t write like that anymore. (I know, the answer is that I’ve grown as a writer and am now writing in different ways about different things, and that’s okay too)

Old Bones
A Bones/Torchwood crossover
Summary: After the dust settled, Angela put Zack away in a drawer
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Hands of Clay - Chapter 21: Footprints

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

Read Chapter Twenty-One: Footprints on AO3

This is a Bucky/Steve no-powers!AU/kidfic. Story inspired by this fanart.

In this chapter: After the stunning revelations in the last chapter, real life reasserts itself in unfortunate ways.

Note: This is a bit of a slower chapter, with a focus on the children. I edited this while on a great deal of nyquil so if anything looks weird let me know.

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via Don't ban laptops in university classrooms | Toronto Star:

Good article and make sure to watch the video at the top - it adds another voice about deconstructing the hierarchy of ‘formal’ teaching at the university level.
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the new tumblr update is making me persnickety I feel like I want to play the headcanon game when it comes to Hands of Clay. Either send me your Hands of Clay headcanons (comment or asks), or ask me about my headcanons/story bible/behind the scenes stuff - I’ll answer anything I can that isn’t spoilery. 
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In today’s vehicular adventures, we had a bad storm over the weekend and when I drove to work this morning, a suspicious splish-splosh sounded from the driver’s side door. I of course was not thrilled by the prospect of a trip to the mechanic, so after some scattered internet research, I learned that vehicle doors should have a drainage hole in the bottom of them to (wait for it) allow for proper drainage, and that sometimes the hole can get plugged with stuff. So I get home, sloshing the whole way, and still wearing my work clothes set about trying to find this blasted thing in between having to close the door for the passing traffic (I park on a narrow lane).

So I find the drainage hole. Which was plugged with a little plastic doohicky (probably from the factory days).

And I pulled the plug out.

After watching gallons of water pour out of my truck door, I picked up my purse, closed the door, and came upstairs to wash ick off my hands.
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Thanks to the power of technology, there is finally a way to cross post from Tumblr to Livejournal and/or Dreamwidth.


Get yourself a free account at IFTT (if this, then that)

Then go to this recipe: and activate it. You’ll need to connect your Tumblr account to IFTTT, as well as your email - I’m using Gmail so I connected my relevant email account.

Then, and this is how I do it, I set up my Dreamwidth account for the postings, because  I have DW crosspost all entries to LJ automatically.

In DW: Go to your account settings at, then select Mobile:

In the box, enter whatever email address you connected in IFTTT. For your pin, go crazy but note that DW doesn’t save capital letters in the pin.

Then string together your account name with your pint in the following form:

Now head back to your IFTTT recipe box:

And enter in that into your address bar.


A word of caution: This recipe will crosspost EVERYTHING on Tumblr, both your new content and  all your reblogs. You can turn off the automatic push in the recipe’s top right-hand corner:

And then turn it on just before you make a super-important post. Like this one.
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So I've been posting Hands of Clay chapters for the past several months without putting up the notifications here - I've drifted away from this place so much. Anyway. Consider this a mega-update:

Chapter 16 went up yesterday. If you want to start at the beginning, here's chapter 1.

Hands of Clay
A Captain America AU story by [personal profile] mhalachai / [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Summary: James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

Rating: Teen for slightly mature themes, swearing
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, kid!Natasha, kid!Clint

Story inspired by this fanart by tumblrer bannannibal.
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Hey everyone. So I reblogged some fanvids on my tumblr yesterday and wanted to share them with you here because they are wonderful.

MCU: Hawkeye (Fan-Made Trailer) by TatyanaOracle

Hannibal: You Belong With Me by Chick Grayson

Leverage: Parachute - Alec/Eliot/Parker

And one out of the archives, because I'm catching up on Night Vale podcasts:

Welcome to Night Vale: Goodnight, Night Vale by lawnchair-crisis

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If you're a MCU fan and Steve + Bucky are your jam, you have to read the Reciprocity series by osprey_archer. It's a stunning look at how Steve and Bucky might work together re recovery, and just this Bucky. Anyway, it's kinda Stucky but not really and it's just great, Bucky isn't okay and Steve really isn't okay and just how they revolve around each other is marvelous and, at time (many, many times) gut-wrenching.

Reciprocity by osprey_archer
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So in light of the Criminal Minds spin-off news, I have a great idea for a low-budget CM spin-off. We can call it Criminal Minds: Quantico, and it will take place entirely in the FBI's Quantico facilities:

  • 37% Penelope Garcia at her computer while the BAU team jets around the country (CM cast can guest star weekly on her computer screen)

  • 12% clerks of the week standing around the water cooler talking office developments and politics

  • 24% character building scenes in the Quantico cafeteria (there has to be one right?) complete with jokes over the food

  • 3% X-Files gags whenever anyone has to go down to the filing room in the basement

  • 7% characters discussing cases outside while the cadets run around the campus on training jogs

  • 4% background discussions of the socio-political situation both in the US and internationally

  • 11% use of Spencer Reid dropping in on other departments during his lunch break and actually being seen as a valuable asset by 99% of FBI agents (instead of the boring trope of mocking the slightly eccentric genius and disregarding their insight i hate that trope)

  • 2% dinosaurs

Who's with me?
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K so I'm having to move stuff around in the master post - I'll get to my submitted Qs after this weekend 

Favourite hobbies?
Primarily writing fiction (as evidenced by this blog) and I'm huge fan of cooking I like to experiment with recipes, but not so good at baking (no patience). I'm pants at the visual arts (like drawing or crafting seriously I suck).

Any fictional genres you don't like? 
I never have been able to get into zombies. There's something about the lack of any chance of a positive ending for the world... I just can't get into it. Also, and this ties into the next one, zombie stuff is usually such gore porn. I can't stand things that are (needlessly) graphically violent. That's probably why I have never been able to get into Game of Thrones. 
One thing you wish you could have:
A cat.  I'm very allergic to cats (they totally aggravate my asthma and if I'm not on allergy meds I can get into trouble) which sucks because I love cats and want four. I have to stick with looking at kitties on the internet. 
Hey look i even have three tags on tumblr about cats
man i need to tidy that up
What are your current TV shows?
I'm currently watching Forever and NCIS New Orleans both of which I don't know why but hey. The thing about Forever is I keep loling at the dad from Numbers playing Reed Richard's son, it's lovely. And it's not a bad show, just derivative. Good acting on the mediocre scripts.
NCIS New Orleans - at least they stopped forcing Scott Bakula to talk with that ridiculous accent. And I'll watch CCH Pounder in anything. 
Am still watching Once Upon A Time although again don't know why - that horrible ending to the Snow Queen arc last week just made me rage at my tv. You can't have all these good actors in an ensemble like this and throw such shoddy plots and downright bad writing at them. Seriously I will write your show for free just stop it.
And when I get super angry at TV i go back to Netflix. 
What TV shows are you guys watching this year?
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 Hey so if anyone wants a Christmas/Holiday card in the mail, let me know your address so I can send you one! DW message system works ( or email me at mhalachai at
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(I expect I may have to double up several times this month as my day gets away from me)

December meme master post

Day 1: What are you watching on Netflix these days?

I can't help myself; I've been watching season after season of Murder, She Wrote. It's such a fascinating show; the mysteries are surprisingly innovative  and un-repetitive for a show that ran 12 seasons. I think that what made the show work so well was that there was no attempt to have there be any kind of story arc lasting longer than a 2-parter, and even the cast of supporting characters in Cabot Cove was really only there to facilitate Jessica Fletcher's presence at murder scenes.

The show underwent a bit of a change in season 8, when the exec team changed (to include J. Michael Straczynski yes that one) and moved Jessica to New York. That's a good place to start with the show in full swing.

Plus it's fun to play "how many times has this actor guest-starred as different characters?" For example, Kate Mulgrew (as in Captain Kathryn Janeway) played three characters and was perfect three times over :)

If you have a chance and can get American Netflix and need a good mystery show (that doesn't require a lot of mental energy) check out Murder, She Wrote.

And if you don't get American Netflix, you can check out the Hola browser plugin ( seriously it's great. It's a VPN client that connects you with servers for your favorite media sites and you can use your regular Netflix account login.

I'm also watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries which I saw gifsets for on Tumblr and yeah it's just an amazing show.

Day 2: first fandom(s)

If we're talking first media that sparked my little fangirl brain about incorporating my own stories into the fictional world, that would be the Little House on the Prairie books when I was five (best to not ask). If we're talking engaging in the fandom world, it would be Profiler and Pretender (NBC, starting in 1996) - the network started a real robust (for the time) website for each show and set loose a community manager to engage the fandom over the summer break, and I just took to it like a fish to water (I went by Zarah back then).

If we're talking fic, I dabbled in Stargate SG-1 but started writing under Mhalachai in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom in 2004 (stories at
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With everything that's upcoming this month I'm making the decision to go on a tiny writing hiatus for three weeks. I have a lot of work to wrap up before the holidays, and a final project for a course I'm taking, so yeah that's where my time needs to go :( Then I'm going to have two weeks off over Christmas so I can get back to creative works.

That said I'm going to be doing the December meme and I plan to fill in those blanks myself which is easy, I can talk about things that interest me for 150 words per day.

Also I have a paid account now so I can import all my icons again yay.
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I realize that I haven't been posting chapter updates on DW/LJ since chapter 4 - sorry about that. Chapter 11 was posted on AO3 yesterday, but if you want to start at the beginning, here's chapter 1.

Hands of Clay
A Captain America AU story by [personal profile] mhalachai / [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Summary: James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

Rating: Teen for slightly mature themes, swearing
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, kid!Natasha, kid!Clint

Story inspired by this fanart by tumblrer bannannibal.
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(posted on tumblr yesterday)

okay so we're not getting a Black Widow movie in the foreseeable future. I have a great way for Marvel to save face on that decision and still give us Natasha Romanoff's story:

A Black Widow television show


(this is the face of a woman you want on your TV)

None of this eight episodes of Agent Carter miniseries stuff - give me a 26-episode Black Widow arc, 45-minutes every Tuesday of Natasha Romanoff's life trying to find herself in the wake of the SHIELD/HYDRA disaster, helping to avenge those in need, trying to find out who she is, while simultaneously trying to find out where she came from, in the snowy ruins of her childhood.

Give me tiny Natasha in the Red Room.


Give me the Black Widow burning her way across the globe.


Give me how Clint brought Natasha into SHIELD. Give me what happened in Budapest Hell, give me a low-budget ep where Natasha spends the entire hour in a safe house in yoga pants and a t-shirt, on the phone with Clint (Jeremy Renner guest starts in voice-over) to disarm a bomb or take down a target or something.


If Marvel and Disney are willing to give Agents of Shield a series of running chances, they can pony up for one season on Black Widow.

( I don't know what Scarlett Johansson's stance on television is, but at least someone should ask her).

I've even got a great place for it - post Age of Ultron, Pre Cap3. Nathan Edmonson (nathanedmondson ) already penned the first 6 pages for Black Widow movie, there's your pilot scene right there. Mavel can do this, whip up excitement for Cap 3, for Captain Marvel, and dare I say even AntMan? Make the MCU even bigger than it is now, make it wider. Make people care.

anyway tl'dr: I don't want 2 hours of Black Widow, I want 26 hours. With her back story and absolute centrality to the recent MCU movies, is that so much to ask?
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Hey all who are here from the friending meme :) I'm mostly here for fandom stuff - I'm a writer and I fanfic, as well as meta and have occasional thoughts about fictional things. My links to various places are on the sidebar of my blog page.

Um so yeah in RL I live in British Columbia, work in communications. I don't know what else I could put here... oh well you can always ask if you want to know anything.

My main fandom at the moment is MCU, and Natasha Romanoff is my favourite. Stargate is my secondary at the moment, at least in the writing side of things, but yeah lots of fandoms where I like to poke around and read the meta and reblog gifsets on Tumblr. 

And unrelated - I'm watching the pilot of Criminal Minds on netflix right now - that was a very good pilot (filmed in Vancouver btw).

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From the DW Friending Meme crowd: Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

So, ask in comments and I'll put things in here!

(k i'm cheating i only got two asks so i'm talking to myself)

Dec 1: What are you watching on netflix?
Dec 2: first fandom(s)
Dec 3: Non fandom hobbies?
Dec 4: any fictional genres you don't like? 
Dec 5: anything you wish you could have, but can't?
Dec 6: what are you current TV  shows?
Dec 7: why so many crossovers?
Dec 8: OPT?
Dec 9: NoTP?
Dec 10: any upcoming creative endeavours?
Dec 11: What are your favorite kinds of AU and why? (from [personal profile] schneefink
Dec 12: 
Dec 13: the one that got away (fic or fandom)
Dec 14: fave character?
Dec 15: any celebs around whom you don't get the hype?
Dec 16: any celebs you didn't get the hype at first?
Dec 17: Vala Mal Doran! Anything about Vala. (from [personal profile] antonomasia )
Dec 18: 
Dec 19:  
Dec 20: any media you enjoy but didn't get into the fandoms?
Dec 21:
Dec 22:
Dec 23:
Dec 24:
Dec 25:
Dec 26:
Dec 27:
Dec 28:
Dec 29:
Dec 30:
Dec 31:


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