Nov. 16th, 2015

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A summary of my last week:
  • The bathroom fan in my apartment stopped working
  • The handle/latch on one of the living room windows fell off
  • Flat tire (see below)
  • My credit card was compromised 
On the up side, I did my 10K walk yesterday with my mother and we shaved 10 minutes off our time from last time!

All in all, ugh.

the tire thing

Backstory - last Thursday we had a cold snap and my truck's tire pressure warning light came on so I took her to the gas station - the tires were at around 5psi too low so I filled them up and off I went. Fast forward to today, when the warning light came on again just as I was getting to work. Back right tire was down again which through copious amounts of googling suggested was a slow leak. Now my truck is at Canadian Tire waiting for someone do do something about that. Luckily, I'm working from home tomorrow so I'm not on a time crunch and can go in to pick it up whenever they're done.

But still.


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