Feb. 1st, 2016

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what I'm watching

Not much TV this season, other than my obsessive re-watching of Murder, She Wrote, before Netflix cracks down on vpns. I'm watching Elementary and Supergirl (surprisingly good) and trying to get into the new shows but nothing is striking my fancy as yet. I'm saving Agent Carter to watch in a spree next week when my PVR reaches critical mass.

On the other side of things, I'm watching Father Brown on PBS (like, different than the books and in a good way; Mark Williams (aka Arthur Weasly) is a perfect embodiment of the character). Also catching up on Poirot (and still super-angry about the adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express) and taping reruns of things like Matlock and Quincy MD because I am 90 years old.

I'm off shows I was into in the past; Once Upon a Time has completely lost me, and I drifted from Castle last year. I tell myself I'm still watching Criminal Minds and NCIS but I haven't seen an episode this season, so I guess that's a lie.

what I'm reading

I'm trying to get back into reading books in general. My current read is A is for Arsenic: the Poisons of Agatha Christie by Kathryn Harkup, a non-fiction book looking at the science of poisons used in the fictional works of Agatha Christie, as well as the chemical mechanism of killing and some real life examples. It's really interesting and a good resource for mystery writers.


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