Mar. 5th, 2017

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surreal work week aside, I had a pretty good day on writing today on the next part of my Blood in the Water Yuri on Ice! series. I have about 20 tabs open with information on all of the 2015-16 figure skating season events, and also most of the pages from the Yuri on Ice wiki, as this next installment opens just before Yuuri’s free skate at the 2016 World Championship in Boston. I had to stop myself from constructing his program’s technical elements to figure out what he would really have scored, and instead just handwaved things.

Also I think I now know why the Yuri on Ice writers focused on the Grand Prix series instead of the others, and not just because it comes first in the season - at the GP events and final, there are only six skaters performing in each event. At the others, including Worlds, there are upwards of 24 skaters performing in every event - trying to write the stage mechanics of 24 skaters, plus coaches, is a bloody nightmare.

Anyway, the struggle continues. Have a good week, everyone.


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