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So backstory - I created my Dreamwidth account back in 2010 and then forgot to cross-post so I had to hand-import the last 4 years. Not actually that much work.

In any event, while going through the archives I found this snippet of a White Collar/Anita Blake crossover I started back in July, 2011. I'm never going to finish it but wanted to share it with you as it's still rather fun.

(Written before that weird Nazi art heist thing on WC)

In the Blood
Summary: The reason Neal Caffrey is so good at running is that he's had nearly 300 years of practice.

At the end of the four years, Peter took him to the train station. )
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This post has three things: An important safety tip on LJ, an Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer summary, and a rambling dissertation on why I find it so damn hard to write Anita Blake these days.

Don't Cross the Streams

Important news tip about LJ - they are running a heavy cache on the site if you're not logged in, so new posts may not be showing up. Try refreshing, dumping your cache, and make sure you're logged in.


I think I finally figured out a new take on an Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. More about that after the epic summary.

from [personal profile] averzierlia: The Darkness Inside (Anita Blake/Buffy)

In the Buffy-verse

Everyone in St. Louis knows who she is.  )

Meta: And now, some thoughts on Anita Blake.

Those of you who have been around for a while will have noticed that I lost the enthusiasm for writing in the Anita Blake world a few years ago, soon after the Dear Negative Reader situation. I haven't been reading the latest AB books and have no idea what's happening in that world these days.

Unfortunately, this can happen at anytime, in any fandom, when the creative team behind your show/book/movie of choice decides to take the source material in a direction that doesn't gel with your take on things. I'm not saying they are wrong; it's their baby, they can do whatever they want with their stories. But as a fan, I retain the right to not be interested in change of direction. And more on this subject. Seriously, there's lots more )

So oh my god tl;dr - it's interesting how our interest or disinterest in source material can influence how engaged we are in fanfic.

I'm going to stop now.
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I tried writing this weekend and got about 2,000 words into a Criminal Minds/Castle crossover when I realized it was going in the wrong direction... and then I was out of writing time. I had to step away, and I think I can salvage it by tightening the intro, doing a character reveal a bit sooner, and getting to the meat of the crossover quicker. Normally I do this stuff after I write the entire first draft, but I just hit the wall today and knew things were going in the wrong direction.

Oh well. Baby steps. The important thing is that I did writing!

The whole reason I started down this road with this crossover is that there is a vastly under-explored area in crossovers, and that is the recent swath of New York cop shows. I personally would love to see the following crossovers:

  • White Collar and Castle (come on! they fight crime! in New York! Castle would be absolutely fascinated by Caffery. And the world needs more Diana.)

  • Criminal Minds and White Collar (come on! they fight crime! in the FBI!)

  • Castle and Criminal Minds: Because once a show has a serial killer and FBI episode, a Criminal Minds crossover is mandated by California state law.

So if I can't find these crossovers, I'm going to have to write them.

If I can get the epic Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis/Criminal Minds/White Collar/Castle crossover out of my head. Seriously.

Although, to be fair, sometimes it's ideas from these monster disasters crossovers that give me some of my best ideas. I got Inevitable out of (and I kid you not) Highlander/Smallville/Anita Blake/Harry Potter.

So yay to Sunday writing, and hopefully I can continue with this.

Change of topic: If you're into the Doctor Who and haven't already seen these: Two "missing scenes" between episodes that I think they are planning to put on the DVDs. This may be the most brilliant piece of television ever. Because: Space Gandalf. And Amy asking if the Doctor is a Space Squid. Love.

behind an lj cut to save your flist )
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You may not have noticed the little dust-up in Laurell K. Hamilton land in recent days, and all I can say is oh, lucky you. The gist is this: Something happened on the LKH boards (not sure what as I don't go because I can't find anything worth my time, and I never post because they won't allow gmail addresses for registration), and so LKH posted a blog entry entitled, Dear Negative Reader.

I'll wait until you go read that.

Anyway, there's been quite a little dustup in fandom. Fandom Wank weighed in, as did a few authors.

But this post was supposed to be about me, so here is the me part:

I'm done. The more I read her blog, the more uncomfortable I feel. She may be expressly talking about the posters on her board, but I feel that really, she's talking to me, someone who dislikes the way the series is going. I feel as if I'm being uninvited from the party by the person who's throwing it. After I read the blog entry, I sat back and really thought about why I was still buying her books.

The cons list outweighed the pros list, so it's basically it. Why am I reading her books when a) I'm not really enjoying them and b) the author is basically telling people like me to get lost?

The end result is pretty clear from this point -- I'm out. Not interested in reading any more of her stuff, be it blog or book, and especially not paying money for it.

That said, I'm not going to stop my AB fanfic WIPs. They're all going to get finished. Including, somehow, Switchback.

You may notice that I disabled comments on this post -- I'm not really interested in having this become a free-for-all in whatever way. If you want to chat, feel free to email me -- mhalachai at gmail dot com.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:17 pm
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Oh, Supernatual wuv. I'm four episodes into the first season, and I love it so. I have some unanswered questions of course, which I'm sure I'll get answers to soon, but yeah. *swoon*

Next up is Bloody Mary, which I may have to watch in the bright daylight. I had nightmares about that urban myth when I was in elementary school.

Oh, and I have the perfect idea for a Supernatural/Anita Blake crossover. It's going to include violence and ghosts. Love love. I'll watch the rest of the season first to make sure the idea isn't shattered by upcoming events.

A word of advice: If you're ever writing a cover letter or sending in your resume for a job, please make sure you've spelled the position title correctly plztnx. Also, please spell-check your resume before hitting "send".

They were filming Smallville at my university today and I took a picture of the sound van:

Yes, I fangirled. No, didn't see anyone. C'est la vie.
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In a comment on my recent AB fic, [ profile] necromancer5 brought up the idea of Anita's evolution over time, from where she was at the end of Danse Macabre, to where I have her go in Family Hour

Cut for DM spoilers )
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As I was chatting with [ profile] ranlynn, I was inspired and I thought about it and this popped out of my head. a theory on the whole Mother of All Darkness thing from the latest Anita Blake book (cut for spoilers) )
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Allow me to clarify my rabidness about the Anita Blake books:

They're books. I tend to focus on the positive and the things I like in them, as I dislike to the extreme the crap that comes off a lot of the AB forums on the Internet, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to the books faults. These days, all that I read goes through the "Anita Blake fanfic" filter, so it's likely I'm looking at the books in a different way than you lot.

So here it is: As opposed to the normal sunshine and cheer that goes around here, take the opportunity to nitpick, to say what you don't like about the Anita Blake books/characters/cover art etc. Thing is, if you say you don't like something, you need to say why.

Also, feel free to comment anonymously.

ETA PS: There are now spoilers for Micah and the Danse Macabre teaser in this thread. FYI KTHNX.
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Last post for the day, I swear. I was thinking about the concept of an Anita Blake movie. I know people have asked for potential castings before, but I thought that I'd ask you all for your input. Also, I know how much you all love a poll to tide you over.

[Poll #688161]
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Like a dutiful fan, I went out and bought Micah on Feb. 28. After lots of consideration, I give it thumbs up. Hiding behind this cut is a bit about me, LKH's characters and what happens when you're too invested in a series )

I'll break down the Danse Macabre teaser at a later time.
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My good buddy [ profile] eavling, in response to something on a previous thread, dug this up on Laurell K. Hamilton's stance on fanfic.

"Fanfiction does not exist. My understanding, legally, is that to keep my copy right completely intact, I must not allow anyone to use my characters for anything. I know the copy right should be protected as long as they don't try and make money from my world or characters, but I'm cautious by nature. I go with the advice of my lawyer has given on it. So if people are writing fanfic, enjoy yourselves, but don't tell me about it. Ever. And don't try and sell stories or books set in my world, with or without my characters. That's illegal."
Excerpt from text interview by Paula Guran for Metropole

There are two separate issues in all this: One, using another person's copyrighted characters for your own profit, and two, LKH and fanfic.

One: She's right: it's illegal to violate copyright like that. But that's not what we fanfic writers are doing. That's why all disclaimers on fanfic say that nothing is being gained by the writing of the fanfic, and that others own the characters. An archive that has Buffy fanfic available on the Internet is all right; one that charges you to view the content is not. If you see someone trying to profit from fanfic, raise shit.

Two: There are two aspects at work here. The more personal one for LKH is that she doesn't like to share her characters (which I find interesting, not in a good or bad way, from someone who wrote a Star Trek derivative novel once upon a time). The other is one that all writers share -- can you read fanfic based on your own material? What if you then, consciously or not, incorporate aspects in that story into your own work? Some author was sued over that a while ago, and since then most authors do not read fanfic based on their own stories.

There is no real conflict there, however, with the existence of Anita Blake and Merry Gentry fanfic. If you read those words, one thing stands out to me:

So if people are writing fanfic, enjoy yourselves, but don't tell me about it. Ever.

I can live with that.


Now, I must turn to two other fandoms, briefly, to show different views on fanfic.

1) Joss Whedon: He and his crew are in favour, from what I can recall, because it generates interest in the fandom and brings people back in. They are right on the ball, as reading and writing fanfic can generate new interest in the series, especially after the series is dead. It certainly gets people buying those $60 DVD sets.

2) JK Rowling is in favour of fanfic (BBC Article here) as well. She’s not in favour of the obscene stuff, which could be the object of another discussion. Frankly, I'm not a fan of the Harry/Voldemort rape fic either, and I sure as hell hope it's labelled as such so those 12-year-olds never find it (Also a parent supervision of the Internet thing, but it’s getting late).

Moral of the story:
Hug a fanfic writer, they're doing it out of love
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I passed up the chance today to buy a shiny first edition of "Kiss of Shadows". My rational was that, even though I have all of Laurell K. Hamilton's other Merry Gentry books in hard cover, I already own a copy of KoS in paperback (that I bought at the same second-hand shop). I'm a bad fan.

On the other hand, a good buddy of mine might be able to get Tanya Huff to sign something for me in a few months. Whee!

Back to not posting :P
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So, apparently at the Wolf Howl last night, LKH told the audience that everything's signed and on the go to make a movie out of Guilty Pleasures.

I, um... Not quite sure what to think of that. Okay.
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I'm trying something new. A ficlette from the Inevitable universe, from Nathaniel. Enjoy, comment, all that jazz.

An Inevitable Missing Scene: Like Dying
by Mhalachai
Note: Takes place in chapter 21 of Inevitable, right after Anita tells Nathaniel to leave. Nathaniel's thoughts.
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. J.K. Rowling owns all things Harry Potter. I am but borrowing the characters for a brief time and shall return them intact at the end.

Like Dying )

Another Inevitable related thing. A new visitor to the blog has posed a question in the last post about the AB characterization in Inevitable and in [ profile] beren_writes's Black Magic by Moonlight. Feel free to mosey on by and add a comment. Also, please be honest. If you have something to say about Inevitable, say it. How else will I learn and grow as a writer? (<--not me being goofy or anything). The thread.

Lastly, if you posted in the past few days, I'm still playing catch up with my replies. I'm referring to the past two AB related posts.
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In honour of Friday, an Anita Blake poll. Seriously, now, which book do you like? Dislike? Why? Discussion is key!

step behing the curtain... )
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This is a post about the Anita Blake fandom. Just so you know ahead of time.

I made the mistake (yes, I'm considering it a mistake now) to sign on for the new Laurell K. Hamilton forums as I wanted to track the fanfic thread (There is an empty forum on the boards entitled "fanfic" and I was ever-so-curious as to what that was all about). I then started reading some of the other posts, and quickly remebered why I'm not on any AB communities on LJ or the like.

Why does one spend so much time trashing a book that one hates? Villifying a) the characters, b) the author and c) the people who read the books? I myself have grown away from series in the past, when the author goes in a direction I find annoying or 'wrong' in my mind... I move on.

So, gentle reader, I ask you these simple questions:

1 - Do you understand the vitriol among the "fans" against people who still like the books?
2 - Do you get why anyone would spend the energy slagging a book they profess to hate?
3 - Is there any place on the net where a discussion on the books are presnet in a pleasant and construtive format? I know I may have asked this before, but I seem to have forgotten.



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