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Rosemary for Remembrance
won for best non-Buffy crossover! and by only two votes so many thanks to everyone who voted!

An interesting tidbit - I've won something every year at the TTH Crossing Over Awards. This may be my last year as I'm no longer active in the Buffy crossover fandom, but I will always have a soft spot for Twisting the Hellmouth as it was where I first started my fanfic adventrure.

Although if I finish Dawning Light in 2011 like I plan to, I may be back... ;)
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Check it out! I've been nominated over at this year's Crossing Over Awards from Twisting the Hellmouth.

In, um, non Buffy categories.

Rosemary for Remembrance (SGA genderswap)
And then there was the time John Sheppard turned into a girl and no one thought it was strange but Rodney McKay.
On Livejournal

Old Bones (Bones/Torchwood)
A man from Angela's past has come to set things right...
On Livejournal

Thanks so much to those who nominated me!

There are a TON of stories nominated this year and you should go check it all out, yo.

So, as they say, feel free to vote vote vote like a baby stoat.
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The 2008 Crossing Over Award winners are up! And I am very pleased to announce that I have won three categories!

Best non-BtVS/AtS Crossover
Agent Afloat Atlantis (NCIS/SGA)

Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected.

Best Crossover Series
Dawning Light (BtVS/Anita Blake)

Dawn fell from Glory's tower and into the portal. Now she's all alone and scared... but sometimes family comes from the strangest places.

Best Portrayal of Other Characters (Riley Finn)
In the Key of Major Finn
Years later, Lorelai liked to start the story like this: One sunny summer Connecticut day, Adonis walked into the Dragonfly Inn.

Not at all bad for a slow BtVS fic year :D Thanks to all who voted and to all who read my writing!

And now for some numbers on the stories )

Lastly, and I almost missed this, I received 37 nominations. My story Agent Afloat Atlantis received 29 nominations. Whoop!

So many thanks to all voters/readers, and a hearty congratulations to everyone who was nominated. TTH has attracted some of the best crossover authors out there, and it's amazing to see that hard work recognized.
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Round two at the Crossing Over Awards (via Twisting the Hellmouth) is started! I'm still in the running! Which means I need to write that NCIS/Torchwood crossover now.

In fact, most of my nominations are still in the go. I'm running against myself in the non-BtVS crossovers... Agent Afloat Atlatnis and Songs Across the Oceans are two of the finalists. I'm literally filled with glee, for all of it!

You still have time to vote, and to change your vote if one of your votes didn't make it to the second round. The coding of the site actually *tells* you this, which saves so much work. Yay technology!

(I've had lots of coffee today. Can you tell?)

Banners and links for the stories still in the running, cut for your f-list viewing purposes. )

Voting ends on Jan. 30, so why wait?
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Hello friendly viewers! The first round of Twisting the Hellmouth's Crossing Over Awards ends on Wednesday - then things go into a second round which I'm a bit hazy on but it's been a long day.

So, go vote vote vote like a baby stoat! (For me!)

All of my nominations are up HERE with direct linkies and information.

PLEASE KEEP ME IN THE RUNNING and I'll write that NCIS/Torchwood crossover in which Timothy McGee is the secret lovechild of Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones, thrown backwards in time.

Thank you.
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My favorite awards (Crossing Over Awards) from my favorite fanfic archive (Twisting the Hellmouth) are up for 2008!

And lo, I have been nominated for some awards!

It may not surprise you to learn that most are for non-BtVS crossovers, which possibly defeats the purpose of the awards, but that's how we roll. Nominations under the cut )


Jan. 1st, 2008 02:55 pm
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Happy 2008! What a wonderful year. Let's start it off with a great news post :)

1) In case anyone missed it, part VI of the Gilmore Girls/Stargate crossover Physics of the Spin was posted yesterday - the flist was post-tastic so you may have missed it, and since I'm the first one to tout the awesomeness of the story... If you missed it you can read it HEAR. I'll get to comment responses later today or tomorrow.

2) The Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards 2007 winners have been announced :) Many congratulations to all the nominees and winners! I also won a few shiny awards!

Thanks so much for all your support. I seriously have the best readers anyone could have - you're all supportive and awesome and don't hesitate to call me on my bullshit ;)


COA Awards are fun
Best Portrayal of Angel: Another Stop on the Road (AtS/BtVS/SPN)

COA Awards are fun
Best Anita Blake crossover: Dawning Light: Check Mate (BtVS/AB)

COA Awards are fun
Best Short Fic: Dawning Light: Dawn's First (And Last) Day of Kindergarten (BtVS/AB)

COA Awards are fun
Best Non-Buffy crossover: Balancing Act (AB/SG-1)

(Songs Across the Ocean (SGA/HP) came in second place for this one. Rock!)

COA Awards are fun
Best Anita Blake Unfinished Crossover: Candlelight (BtVS/AB)


I've had too much coffee but that's okay because I would be this hyper in any event :P
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Hey everyone :) Two days left to vote in this year's Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards. If you haven't yet (and you're eligible), please take a moment to look at and vote for the lovely nominees!

My original post on the matter with my nominations is located here.

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21 nominations at the Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards for me this year! Thanks to everyone who was so kind as to nominate my stories! I'm very flattered :) Now, if you want, you can read (or re-read) the nominated stories and vote if you would like :)

Banners cut for your pleasure )

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So I was thinking about it, and I'm not going to change the journal's default setting because I actually like my non-lj readers. I tested the "adult concepts" thing out on an old post, and when you're logged out, if you try to access such a post, then you get "14 Adult Content Notice : The content that you are about to view could contain adult concepts which may not be suitable for minors. To continue, you must confirm that you are at least 14 years of age. "

Yeah... no. Since a little clicky button won't stop people from lying about their age anyway, I'm not going to inconvenience those readers of mine who are over 14 (because seriously, is anyone out there under 14?) and who don't want to have an LJ account. Because my suspicious mind is thinking they want more people to sign up for lj.

I'll be changing some of the more riske posts to the age appropriate setting later on. Since most of my fic is gen anyway, and I'm not going to lock up fic for swearing, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Thanks to everyone who nominated my fics over at the TTH COA! 19 nominations, compared with last year's 13! So cool. I'll post links and banners once voting begins on Friday! Check back!


And I made a shiny banner for the Rory Gilmore is the illegitimate genius daughter of Rodney McKay (more manageably known as Physics of the Spin) series:

click for banner! )
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Hey everyone, nominations are still open at the Twisting the Hellmouth's 2007 Crossing-Over Awards. Nominations end Tuesday afternoon, so get to nominating :)

(And then the voting begins! Yay to fics)
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I know I said I was on hiatus, but hey, who can stay away when it's COA voting time?

TTH Crossing Over Awards 2006!
(to vote, you'll need to have an existing TTH account)

My fics that you can vote for!

2006 Best Crossover Author -- Mhalachai (yes, that's me)

Behind a cut because of many banners )


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