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surreal work week aside, I had a pretty good day on writing today on the next part of my Blood in the Water Yuri on Ice! series. I have about 20 tabs open with information on all of the 2015-16 figure skating season events, and also most of the pages from the Yuri on Ice wiki, as this next installment opens just before Yuuri’s free skate at the 2016 World Championship in Boston. I had to stop myself from constructing his program’s technical elements to figure out what he would really have scored, and instead just handwaved things.

Also I think I now know why the Yuri on Ice writers focused on the Grand Prix series instead of the others, and not just because it comes first in the season - at the GP events and final, there are only six skaters performing in each event. At the others, including Worlds, there are upwards of 24 skaters performing in every event - trying to write the stage mechanics of 24 skaters, plus coaches, is a bloody nightmare.

Anyway, the struggle continues. Have a good week, everyone.
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Hands of Clay - Chapter 21: Footprints

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

Read Chapter Twenty-One: Footprints on AO3

This is a Bucky/Steve no-powers!AU/kidfic. Story inspired by this fanart.

In this chapter: After the stunning revelations in the last chapter, real life reasserts itself in unfortunate ways.

Note: This is a bit of a slower chapter, with a focus on the children. I edited this while on a great deal of nyquil so if anything looks weird let me know.

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via Don't ban laptops in university classrooms | Toronto Star:

Good article and make sure to watch the video at the top - it adds another voice about deconstructing the hierarchy of ‘formal’ teaching at the university level.
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the new tumblr update is making me persnickety I feel like I want to play the headcanon game when it comes to Hands of Clay. Either send me your Hands of Clay headcanons (comment or asks), or ask me about my headcanons/story bible/behind the scenes stuff - I’ll answer anything I can that isn’t spoilery. 
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In today’s vehicular adventures, we had a bad storm over the weekend and when I drove to work this morning, a suspicious splish-splosh sounded from the driver’s side door. I of course was not thrilled by the prospect of a trip to the mechanic, so after some scattered internet research, I learned that vehicle doors should have a drainage hole in the bottom of them to (wait for it) allow for proper drainage, and that sometimes the hole can get plugged with stuff. So I get home, sloshing the whole way, and still wearing my work clothes set about trying to find this blasted thing in between having to close the door for the passing traffic (I park on a narrow lane).

So I find the drainage hole. Which was plugged with a little plastic doohicky (probably from the factory days).

And I pulled the plug out.

After watching gallons of water pour out of my truck door, I picked up my purse, closed the door, and came upstairs to wash ick off my hands.
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Thanks to the power of technology, there is finally a way to cross post from Tumblr to Livejournal and/or Dreamwidth.


Get yourself a free account at IFTT (if this, then that)

Then go to this recipe: and activate it. You’ll need to connect your Tumblr account to IFTTT, as well as your email - I’m using Gmail so I connected my relevant email account.

Then, and this is how I do it, I set up my Dreamwidth account for the postings, because  I have DW crosspost all entries to LJ automatically.

In DW: Go to your account settings at, then select Mobile:

In the box, enter whatever email address you connected in IFTTT. For your pin, go crazy but note that DW doesn’t save capital letters in the pin.

Then string together your account name with your pint in the following form:

Now head back to your IFTTT recipe box:

And enter in that into your address bar.


A word of caution: This recipe will crosspost EVERYTHING on Tumblr, both your new content and  all your reblogs. You can turn off the automatic push in the recipe’s top right-hand corner:

And then turn it on just before you make a super-important post. Like this one.


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