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One thing I noticed in "A Day in the Death" was Spoilers for Torchwood 2x08 ) So.

Fixing Things
A Torchwood drabble
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Disclaimer: Russell T. Davis and the BBC own Torchwood.
Rating: PG
Spoilers Torchwood's A Day in the Death
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones
Words: 100

Fixing Things )
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by [ profile] mhalachaiswords
three Gilmore Girls drabbles for [ profile] 100_coffees

Rating: PG
Challenge: 21 - Do-overs

The funny one (Rory, Lorelai)
set anytime

'It's crooked.' )

The sad one (Rory)
set early season five

The pool house was quiet, decorators and grandmother and Logan all gone.  )

The hopeful one (Rory, Lane (Rory/Dean))
set two years after season seven

Rory listened absently to Lane speak, while watching people wander past Luke's. )
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A couple of goofy drabbles from the odd crossover drabbles request last month.


Anita Blake/Dracula
I own nothing.
100 words
For [ profile] cissasghost: Asher/Lucy Westenra (from the original 'Dracula'). Pretend Dracula happend in that world, and was not a book.

He had heard of young Lucy Westenra. How could he not? )


Not Quite Normal
Stargate/House, MD.
I own nothing.
251 words
For [ profile] philstar22: Stargate/House, MD.

And Chase had thought House was bad. )
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Rainy Movie Days
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords
a Gilmore Girls drabble for [ profile] 100_coffees

Characters: Rory, Paris
Rating: PG
Challenge: 20 - Like Cats and Dogs
Note: In which I crib from the Ghostbusters dialogue


Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria!"

Rory picked up a slice of pizza, grimaced at the pepperoni grease, and dropped it back in the box.

From the depths of the couch, Paris asked, "Why are we watching this?"

Rory wondered if the growing kink in her neck was annoying enough to necessitate movement. She rather thought not. "The remote's on top of the TV."

Another pause as the Ecto-mobile's siren screamed from tinny speakers. "What idiot did that?"

"We were cleaning." Rory yawned widely.

"Let's never do that again."


Really, Rory hated rainy days.


cuz it's raining cats and dogs, ya see?
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First of the drabbles -- from the depths of my mind, not from the poll, but soon

By then, it was far too late to take it back, and besides, she was used to his socks in the bathroom.
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Gilmore Girls, rated G
Alternate ending for Luke/Lorelai, set first season during "Rory's Birthday Parties". (First two lines of dialog from that episode)

Lorelai smiled at Luke, serene with a day's worth of shopping. ''Okay, burger boy, dance!'' )
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Odd Jobs
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake drabble

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. Etc.
Words: 100
For [ profile] tthdrabbles's #60, Guilty Pleasures challenge.


Jean-Claude eyed the unfamiliar werewolf. "Richard said what?"

The wolf, with hair the color of marigolds, gave a laconic shrug. "He doesn't care if I stay as long as it's fine by you."

Jean-Claude's eyes narrowed. If true, if Richard didn't care that a powerful werewolf wanted to enter St. Louis, then the Ulfric was more reckless than Jean-Claude thought.

After a minute, Jean-Claude roused himself. "You may stay," he said, noting the spark of relief in the man's eyes. "On one condition."

Oz's eyebrow went up.

"You work here. At Guilty Pleasures."


He did not say no.

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That Rebel Motorcycle Club
An Anita Blake drabble

Disclaimer: LKH owns all things Anita Blake
Characters: Anita, Asher, Angst.
Setting: Whenever.
Oh Yeah: Anita POV


I hung back, not believing my eyes. "Are you serious?"

Asher swung around. "Did I develop a reputation for frivolity while I wasn't looking?" he asked.

I glared at his new motorcycle. "Do you know how many ways you can die horribly on that?"

Asher stared at me, his blue eyes glowing unnaturally at me from the streetlight's harsh glare. There was a challenge there, one I wasn't sure I was willing to accept.

"Come." Asher whispered, holding out his hand.

A thousand emotions ran over me, fear and apprehension… and the tiniest hint of exhilaration.

I went to him.

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To Grandmother's House We Go
An Anita Blake drabble

Disclaimer: LKH owns all things Anita Blake
Characters: little Anita, her father
Setting: Pre-series. Waaay pre-series. In that summer after Anita started to raise the dead.
[ profile] abvh100 Challenge: #72 -- Appearances Are Deceiving
[ profile] fanfic100 Challenge: #63 -- Summer
Note: [ profile] sabriel_0405 said a lovely thing the other hour, and it pushed me into drabbling.


He stared at his thirteen-year-old daughter, sitting sullenly in the airport. She didn't want to be here, didn't want to go to Mexico while all her friends were at summer camp. He didn't want to be here either.

Anita looked so normal that his stomach churned. But she wasn't normal. Like stories Maria had told about her mother, stories of unnatural darkness.

"Can I get a Coke?" Anita asked suddenly.

He swallowed his panic. "Sure, sweetie."

"Thanks, Daddy."

He watched Anita, so young, so... innocent. Who would have imagined that she could do something as horrible as raising the dead?


Plus, I stayed late at work today... )
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On the Rooftop With Good and Evil
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords
[ profile] supernatural100 Challenge: #56 - Rain
Rating: G
Characters: Gabriel (angel) and Azazel (demon) and Sam.
Spoilers: for SPN 2x10, "Hunted"

Gabriel and Azazel stood side by side )

AB drabble

Oct. 14th, 2006 03:14 pm
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A Nathaniel drabble I posted to [ profile] abvh100 this morning blah boring Saturday.

Title: Old Habits
Characters: Nathaniel, Richard
Challenge: #68 -- Nathaniel
Note: Set right after Narcissus in Chains
Word Count: 200


Nathaniel hadn't survived so long by pissing off alpha lycanthropes. With Gabriel and Raina, Nathaniel knew his place. Do as you're told. Don't scream until I say.

But they were dead now. Anita killed them and saved Nathaniel and took him home and hadn't made him leave.

He fed the ardeur for her, but they weren't having sex. Not yet, Nathaniel reminded himself. One day, he'd figure out how to give her what she needed, and they'd have their happy ever after.

One thing Anita wanted was for him to be more assertive, and he tried. Like yesterday. Richard had looked at Nathaniel with such loathing. The Ulfric thought Nathaniel was in Anita's life and her bed, and that he had her body as well.

The old Nathaniel would have told Richard the truth: that Anita hadn't taken him like that, not yet. The old Nathaniel would have tried everything to keep safe from those stronger than himself.

But then, the old Nathaniel never had Anita smile trustingly at him in the morning. No one had ever depended on the old Nathaniel for anything, let alone companionship.

Nathaniel let Richard believe what he wanted. The Ulfric couldn't hurt him now.

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Note to self: Food is necessary at least twice a day. Dizziness is bad.

I started working on Inevitable 70 today... and got about three lines in and then was all, "So... what's happening again?" and I had to go reread twenty chapters, then I started working on the Inevitable soundtrack, which I can't post until the end of the story because it's got spoilers for how it all ends. But:

REQUEST: Does anyone have any idea of a song I can use for Bellatrix's theme, and for the Lupanar scene when Harry doesn't turn into a werewolf (with the thoughts of both loss and hope)?

An Anita Blake drabble

Word Count: 200
Characters: Anita, Nathaniel
[ profile] abvh100 Challenge: #62 - Music
[ profile] fanfic100 Challenge: #100 - Writer's Choice
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake.


The music thumping in the club felt like a second heartbeat in my chest. It was numbing and hard and strange. Why had I let Nathaniel convince me to come to Danse Macabre on his night off?

I’d put my foot down when Nathaniel asked me to dance. I'd sent him out onto the dance floor on his own. After I'd been propositioned by five men and one woman, I climbed the stairs to the balcony.

It took me a minute to spot Nathaniel. He moved in time with the music, doing nothing overtly sexual, but watching him writhe, sweat glistening on his bare arms, the flash of his silver necklace... My skin felt too hot, too alone. It wasn't the ardeur that made me ache. It was him, amid the heartbeat of the music.

He looked up, eyes meeting mine. I knew he felt it too, this wanting. This was why he wanted me to come tonight, to feel the music and the need for more.

Nathaniel climbed the stairs, coming for me, wanting me to hold him down and hurt him just a little bit more.

I closed my eyes, and let the music flow over my skin.

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Yeah, I'm in a fractured mood, so I'm writing tiny angsty pieces.

One Bullet
An Anita Blake drabble for [ profile] abvh100

Word Count: 100
Characters: Anita


As I breathed around my shattered ribs, I heard a sound behind the closed door. No.

I didn't have to check my gun to know I only had one bullet left. Dead vampires surrounded me, the remnants of a murderous crew. I'd had a warrant, but they hadn't gone down without a fight.

Ignoring my broken right arm and the fact that I couldn't feel my legs, I raised the gun left-handed as the door handle turned. I had one bullet left.

Zerbrowski and a crowd of cops burst through the door, guns out.

I let my gun fall.

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Hey kids. How's it going? Not sure what fic I'll be working on next. I'm dabbling, as usual. Right now, Balancing Act 4 is at about 1,000 words but there's really no action in this section, so I might condense the next chapter (the action chapter!) into this one and make the fic 7 parts long. I dunno. Also, maybe I'll make icons.

Have a drabble

Title: Wait For It
Word Count: 100
Characters: Jean-Claude, Asher
Challenge: #59 - Waiting
Note: Set in and around Incubus Dreams. You know why I love the Anita Blake books? The slash is canon.


Jean-Claude stared at the body sprawled on the silk sheets of his bed, idly playing with the golden curls in a room as still as the grave.

He waited.

He spent many hours waiting. Waiting for Anita to grace him with her presence, waiting for Richard to come to his senses, waiting to sink his teeth into Jason's warm throat, waiting for his enemies to make their next move. Now, he waited for life, or something like it, to pour back into this vampire.

The body at his side twitched, then long limbs stretched out. Jean-Claude smiled. "Bon jour, Asher."
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As a follow-up to yesterday's drabble, I present Judith's side of the story. It's about as depressing as you can imagine, the missed chances. I'm going to go have a good cry now.

Title: Illusion (A follow-up to Card)
Fandom: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (master list here)
Characters: Judith, Anita
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 99 -- Writer's Choice
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: G
Note: Set immediately before Card. Judith thinks about her nine-year-old stepdaughter, Anita, on Mother's Day. (Just assume that Paul is Anita's father's name)


It was Mother's Day, the second since Judith had married Paul, and she didn't know how she was going to survive it.

When she had accepted Paul's marriage proposal, two years after his first wife's unfortunate death, she had been so excited. Andrea would finally have a sister, and she'd have another daughter, little Anita.

That delusion hadn't lasted long. Andrea started showing off immediately. Judith knew it was because she was scared of the new situation, but Anita didn't react well to her new step-sister. At all. She'd withdrawn immediately, pulled back from her father, becoming secretive, sullen.

No, not sullen, Judith corrected. There was a strange stillness about the girl some days, something Judith couldn't explain. It was almost frightening.

Then the stillness left, and Anita went back to being her tiny, quiet self.

Any way Judith looked at it, there was no way Anita would let Judith into her heart.

Overhead, two sets of footsteps pounded down the stairs as Judith came to a decision. She'd tried for two years, putting herself out there and having every advance refused. Maybe it was time to give up the illusion of having another daughter. She'd never be Anita's mother.


And while I'm at it, my first offering for [ profile] firefly100.

Title: Better Now
Fandom: Firefly
Character: River
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et al. own all things Firefly. Only the story is my own.
Rating: G
Note: Set after the BDM, no real spoilers.


River was better now.

People came and went, with whispering eyes and dancing tongues, and River alone remained untouched.

She heard things, strange things, from all the people Serenity touched. Their secrets wandered through her head, like she wandered through the ship, never getting too close. If one touches the fire, it burns, and all her secrets would burn like ash up to heaven.

Simon worried when she tried to explain, so she stopped, stopped talking, stopped dancing, stopped everything. She hoarded her secrets to her breast like a lover, waiting to be left alone.

Secrets never left her alone.
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Crossposted to [ profile] abvh100, and all for [ profile] fanfic100. I'll get to 100 yet!

Title: Card
Fandom: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (master list here)
Characters: Anita
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 04 - Insides
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: PG
Note: A nine-year-old Anita tries to reach out on Mother's Day

Card )

Title: Flaws
Fandom: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (master list here)
Characters: Jean-Claude, Anita
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 82 - If?
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: PG

Flaws )

Title: Thin
Fandom: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (master list here)
Characters: Anita, Zerbrowski
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 79 - When?
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: PG

Thin )
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This post is rather Harry Potter heavy. FYI.

Firstly, some blather about Inevitable. I've got 10 kb of the next chapter written, which makes more sense when you know that adds up to 1,500 words. It's got a whole hell of a lot of stuff happening, and we'll dart back and forth between Hogwarts and St. Louis, in an interesting way. It's going to be a long chapter and I can probably get it out by Friday... I hope. We'll see.

But anyway, let's play a rousing round of "Guess who the mean author sets in her sights in this chapter!"

[Poll #726557]

I'm a mean, mean author. But, in my defence, I can say that this round of character, er, "development" is vital to the plot and gives our heroes the important clue to answer not one, not two, but two and a half questions that have been plaguing them in the story, and will help them move on.

Lastly, Four Harry Potter Drabbles )
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Title: Growth Spurt
Fandom: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (master list here)
Characters: Anita, Micah
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 049 - Club
[ profile] abvh100 Challenge: #56 - Childhood (crossposted)
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: PG


Micah found my high school yearbooks. As a rule, I don't keep a lot of mementos, but for some reason those gaudy books have survived all of my moves.

He was fascinated with the grainy picture of me in the eighth grade, taken before my growth spurt. I was just a pudgy little squirt, with wild curly hair and a brilliant smile for the camera.

"What was your biggest memory of that year?" Micah asked, catching me and hauling me, squirming the whole time, onto his lap.

"Biology club," I said. "Let me go!"

He tickled me, and I fell back, laughing. "Seriously," he breathed in my ear.

I stopped struggling and stared down at the book. Slowly, the fond smile slid off my face. "That was the year I accidentally raised my dog, Jenny, from the dead after she was hit by a car." I looked down at the girl I had been, wondering at all that had happened, to make me the woman I was today. "When my necromancy started working. When my step-mother started pulling back from me, when my dad didn't know how to react to me anymore."

Micah hugged me, but somehow it wasn't comforting.
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Two AB drabbles for the [ profile] abvh100 challenge of the week, Weapon of Choice. Yes, I'm a Fatboy Slim fan.

Title: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Characters: Anita, Asher
[ profile] abvh100Challenge: #55 - Weapon of Choice
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 078 -- Where?
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. Only the story is my own.
Rating: PG
Note: Takes place at some point after Cerulean Sins, in which Anita and Asher became intimate.


"Where did you learn to fire a handgun?" Anita asked, sprawled on the couch in Jean-Claude's office.

Asher blinked. Should he tell her how he first picked up a gun after he heard Jean-Claude had taken a human servant? Of the many cold months in France, firing repeatedly into the practice target, fantasizing of killing Jean-Claude's human servant, making him hurt as much as Asher hurt when Julianna died, when Jean-Claude's failure murdered her?

Asher looked at Anita, warm and alive and innocently curious. He forced a smile. "Modern handguns are like revolvers, cherie. I learned long ago," he lied.


Title: Cutting Smile
Word Count: 100
Characters: Nathaniel
Challenge: #55 - Weapon of Choice
Note: Occurs at some point around Incubus Dreams. No spoilers.


Nathaniel smiled at the women waiting for him outside Guilty Pleasures. The smile held the right mix of shyness and sex appeal and confidence. It was his "take me home and keep me safe" smile.

Fumbling, one woman asked for his autograph, and he added puzzled surprise and delight to the smile, bending a little closer to her, making it much more personal. Nathaniel knew she'd be back soon, with more money to hand to him as he undressed.

For the longest time, Nathaniel's looks were the only weapon he had. He still wielded them like a cutting blade.

drama lama

Apr. 7th, 2006 02:47 pm
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Hey folks. No Inevitable update today, alas. I'm aiming for tomorrow at this point.

However, I have two things for you.

1. An Anita Blake drabble! It's fluffy and Anita and Zane, but frankly, I needed some pard-centric happiness. Refuse To Take, up over at [ profile] abvh100.

2. I finally made a Nathaniel icon. Do you know how strange violet eyes and auburn hair look together? Anyway:

Thanks be to [ profile] jjjean65 for the base.

ETA: The guy in that icon is William Moseley, who was Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia movie. And don't look at me like that. He's almost 19.

And a moment for a photoshop squee: Did you know you can use the erase tool with *any* brush? So happy!


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