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k, so obviously spoilers for tonight's Castle ep: An open love letter to whoever wrote tonight's Castle (aka busting the slut-shaming stereotype cliché ftw) )

Also, why is Beckett suddenly calling Esposito "Espo" at every turn? It's kind of jarring after 3.5 years of Esposito...

In other news, does anyone know if there's any fandom presence for either Unforgettable or A Gifted Man? They are my current guilty pleasures and I can't find a thing...
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I'm delurking here today to talk about the anvils Moffat has been lobbing at us all season. Namely, Dads.

Cut for spoilers for all the episodes that have aired up until now in season 6 of Doctor Who. No spoilers for next week - let's keep it that way!

Go Team Dad )

So, how are you all doing?
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So, a crack!theory about Doctor Who and the last 20 seconds of that episode:

Cut for spoilers for Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, and the crackiest theory every! )

Next week: Pirates! It'd be even better if it were zombie pirates but oh well.


May. 5th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Oh, NCIS. You almost made it interesting. That said, I was almost about to watch the new NCIS spin-off Legend and then the END with the GUNS (before the Ziva bit) made me go "screw THAT".

That noise you heard at 4pm was me "saving my username" on Dreamwidth. I'll be posting everything at LJ, at least until LiveJournal starts kicking kittens for Satan or something similar. So please don't stop checking my updates here :)

And because I just wrote that, there will be fic of some kind this weekend. Promise.

PS: Thanks to [ profile] foi_nefaste for being so awesome with the DW invite :P
pps CONTAINS SPOILERS for tonight's NCIS!!!!!1eleventy!
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Doctor Who episode reaction and theories for Silence in the Library. But first, read about booze:

In North America, Goldschläger is frequently mixed in equal proportions with Jägermeister, 70 proof (35%), and occasionally peppermint schnapps to make a cocktail called Liquid Cocaine, Golden Elk or JägerSchläger. --Wikipedia

Okay, gross.

I have a theory about that character from Doctor Who's Silence in the Library (which I will lj cut; no spoilers or anything just speculation but I do use a tiny clip from the most recent season 4 trailer) )

I have nothing else to add at this point. How is everyone doing?

ETA: I lie. I've decided to re-watch Babylon 5. Damn, but I loved that show. I don't think I've seen this since it was on the air the first time.
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I know I'm late to the party on this, but I've finally caught up to the Bones season 3 finale.

I have this to say: No, seriously, what? )

Also, I have Photoshop again and can make icons. This is one ;P
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Leave me alone, it's all I have.

They changed the Dr. Who themesong music? Cool. I like it.

10 episode points for Doctor Who 4x01 (Partners in Crime)
Dr. Who *spoilers* 4x01 because why not? )
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Talk about Torchwood 2x13, so spoiler warning

Now that was hardcore )


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