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(posted on tumblr yesterday)

okay so we're not getting a Black Widow movie in the foreseeable future. I have a great way for Marvel to save face on that decision and still give us Natasha Romanoff's story:

A Black Widow television show


(this is the face of a woman you want on your TV)

None of this eight episodes of Agent Carter miniseries stuff - give me a 26-episode Black Widow arc, 45-minutes every Tuesday of Natasha Romanoff's life trying to find herself in the wake of the SHIELD/HYDRA disaster, helping to avenge those in need, trying to find out who she is, while simultaneously trying to find out where she came from, in the snowy ruins of her childhood.

Give me tiny Natasha in the Red Room.


Give me the Black Widow burning her way across the globe.


Give me how Clint brought Natasha into SHIELD. Give me what happened in Budapest Hell, give me a low-budget ep where Natasha spends the entire hour in a safe house in yoga pants and a t-shirt, on the phone with Clint (Jeremy Renner guest starts in voice-over) to disarm a bomb or take down a target or something.


If Marvel and Disney are willing to give Agents of Shield a series of running chances, they can pony up for one season on Black Widow.

( I don't know what Scarlett Johansson's stance on television is, but at least someone should ask her).

I've even got a great place for it - post Age of Ultron, Pre Cap3. Nathan Edmonson (nathanedmondson ) already penned the first 6 pages for Black Widow movie, there's your pilot scene right there. Mavel can do this, whip up excitement for Cap 3, for Captain Marvel, and dare I say even AntMan? Make the MCU even bigger than it is now, make it wider. Make people care.

anyway tl'dr: I don't want 2 hours of Black Widow, I want 26 hours. With her back story and absolute centrality to the recent MCU movies, is that so much to ask?
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Hey all. My fic website was hacked last week (joy) so I've made all top-level redirects back to this livejournal (which holds all my fanfic anyway) and will be taking this opportunity to decide what to do with my fic site (with all the changes in web technologies in recent years) etc.

In the meantime:

If you're looking for any of my fic, please use search by tags, or leave a comment here if you're looking for something. I'll try to put together a massive master index of all my fic in the next few days (not broken up by year like I have on the sidebar).

The timing of this whole thing was... unfortunate. RL is kicking my butt right now with work and family and getting hacked wasn't on the top of my to-do list this week x_x. But that's the cost of being on the internet, amirite?

How are you all doing?
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This post has three things: An important safety tip on LJ, an Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer summary, and a rambling dissertation on why I find it so damn hard to write Anita Blake these days.

Don't Cross the Streams

Important news tip about LJ - they are running a heavy cache on the site if you're not logged in, so new posts may not be showing up. Try refreshing, dumping your cache, and make sure you're logged in.


I think I finally figured out a new take on an Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. More about that after the epic summary.

from [personal profile] averzierlia: The Darkness Inside (Anita Blake/Buffy)

In the Buffy-verse

Everyone in St. Louis knows who she is.  )

Meta: And now, some thoughts on Anita Blake.

Those of you who have been around for a while will have noticed that I lost the enthusiasm for writing in the Anita Blake world a few years ago, soon after the Dear Negative Reader situation. I haven't been reading the latest AB books and have no idea what's happening in that world these days.

Unfortunately, this can happen at anytime, in any fandom, when the creative team behind your show/book/movie of choice decides to take the source material in a direction that doesn't gel with your take on things. I'm not saying they are wrong; it's their baby, they can do whatever they want with their stories. But as a fan, I retain the right to not be interested in change of direction. And more on this subject. Seriously, there's lots more )

So oh my god tl;dr - it's interesting how our interest or disinterest in source material can influence how engaged we are in fanfic.

I'm going to stop now.
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So, um, Fanlib is shutting down.

*wind through the trees*

That's it. I got nothing.

Except that I has a Twitter.
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Let's talk about the dark-haired girls used to introduce the shadowy world of crime-fighting.

Dark-haired woman, hot, trained in crime-fighting, not sure at first about the world into which she was tossed, and equally befuddled about her mysterious demanding boss and snarky chauvinistic male co-worker. And yet she soon becomes an integral part of the team, as well as the heart of the team (when the boss isn't being an aloof heartless ass for reasons that we, the viewer, initially know naught).

I am, of course, talking about NCIS (Kate) and Torchwood (Gwen), at the same time.

And I think NCIS did it better. Here's why. )

In other news

The Tin Man DVD came out recently and you should buy it. cut for casting spoilers in case anyone in the world hasn't seen Tin Man yet )

Book talk

Jun. 16th, 2008 05:56 pm
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This is the first of two meta pieces of the afternoon. This is on books. The next is on TV and will be up later tonight.

I'm listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as an audiobook, which is helpful because when I'm re-reading I usually skip a lot because I know how it goes. Anyway, my point is that I had forgotten what an awesome story this is. JKR does a great job in world-building, not only for a book, but for a children's book. It reminds me why I fell in love with this world.

And let's talk about another set of books.

I'm not sure if any of you out there read the "Cat Who..." series of mysteries (by Lillian Jackson Braun), but there's like 20+ books in the series. Backstory and an escape from the rut: yr doin it rite )

Also, a line I wrote today:

A security guard, the proper kind with a gun keeping a steely eye on the doorway...

Oh punctuation, how we miss you when you're gone.
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It occurred to me last night that I have a real fetish for writing "real family" crossovers. I know, it's not like it's a big secret or anything, because you've all read these fic things, but I think it's time for a list.

Real Family fics (to date) by Mhalachai

Inevitable (Anita Blake/Harry Potter): Harry Potter is Damian's grandson.

Physics of the Spin (Gilmore Girls/Stargate): Rory Gilmore is Rodney McKay's daughter.

Hey Little Sister (Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis): Elizabeth Weir is John Winchester's cousin.

Obituary (Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Nathaniel Graison is Joyce Summers' nephew.

Secrets series (Firefly/Merry Gentry): Inara Sera is the ever-so-great-granddaughter of Merry Gentry and Doyle.

Demons, Eh? (Supernatural): Sam Winchester is the spawn of the Celine Demon.

The Roadhouse Series (Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural): Angel and Ellen Harvelle are parents to lil' Jo Harvelle.

Outside Looking In (Anita Blake/Supernatural): Sarah Blake (SPN) is cousin to Anita Blake.

Dark Vancouver Nights (Harry Potter/Tanya Huff's Smoke books): Harry Potter and Lee Nicholas are distant cousins.

Mirror'd Through the Rift (Torchwood/Dr. Who): Gwen Cooper is the twin sister of Gwyneth, servant girl in 1869 Cardiff.

I need some srs help. Either that, or I need to challenge myself to write more of these lovely crazy stories.
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If I wanted to bring up my biology degree for a moment for some Tin Man meta...

'Scuse me while I whip this out )

Yes, I know, it's a tv show and it's just casting of actors, but it's all about potential, baby.
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Even I, with my head buried in the fandom sand, have noticed the recent mess over FanLib.

So I have dusted off my soap box and have some words. Keep in mind that I'm tired after an 11-hour work day and am pretty much incoherent. So I will let the linky links do my talking.

First off, I can't even begin the backstory on this one, I have some links that I think will nicely sum up my feelings on the matter:

The comm to end all comms: [ profile] life_wo_fanlib

101 reasons by [ profile] liz_marcs to stay away from FanLib

As proof that we will slash anything: FanLib is already generating its own advertising slash fic: "In Just Seven Fics, I Can Make You A Man" (FanLib slash, rated ... Um.) by [ profile] lizbee

And something from a dude named Henry Jenkins who sets out the whole FanLib background in nice plain text and language.

Then, word from on high:

Cory Doctorow: In Praise of Fanfic -- in which a nice level-headed guy says something nice about us fanfic writers.

He's even so well liked that Tanya Huff/[ profile] andpuff (my new saint, after having watched the first several eps of Blood Ties -- omg a fun show) points everyone in the essay's direction, without mentioning FanLib directly.

Then why I'm not too worked up over it:

My fandom has already been put on notice.

I speak, of course, about the Anita Blake books. If you follow my fics, you'll have noticed that no matter how annoyed I get with current canon, I can't stay away. Dawning Light, Inevitable, Switchback, etc., etc. Anyway, Laurell K. Hamilton has made some noise in the past about fanfic being disallowed, and to this day most mainstreamish fic archives won't allow Anita Blake fic in. That's fine. I can pretty much guarantee that my fandom's never going to bcome part of the mass of FanLib (Can't tell if the "Lib" here stands for Liberation, Liberty or Libel). I like it like that. Ignore me and I won't hurt the canon.

And that's not even beginning with the crossover angle to all this.

To make a long story short (too late!) I'm going to stay as far away from FanLib as possible, as it's not the sort of place I want my writing.

In unrelated news, I'm fascinated with the song Fulsom Prison Blues. I miss Johnny Cash.
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In a comment on my recent AB fic, [ profile] necromancer5 brought up the idea of Anita's evolution over time, from where she was at the end of Danse Macabre, to where I have her go in Family Hour

Cut for DM spoilers )
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As I was chatting with [ profile] ranlynn, I was inspired and I thought about it and this popped out of my head. a theory on the whole Mother of All Darkness thing from the latest Anita Blake book (cut for spoilers) )
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A couple of fics, and a realization about me.

Okay, first: Two additions to teh AB/HP fic list, just in time for Danse Macabre to come out on Tuesday.
Ashalrospeak Holiday: A medium-sized group of Hogwarts students (plus one professor) are going on a field trip . . . to St Louis. WIP
[ profile] killingcorvis Silver Bullets: Remus Lupin has been advised to call for some unlikely help. He contacts Anita Blake and her werewolf pack to help him in the fight against the Dark Lord. WIP

Another is in the wings, but I wanted to ask the author about it first.

THEN: the realization, about me and writing fic and how pairings aren't all they're cracked up to be and how writing sex in fic is not a thing I can do unless it's dysfunctional sex then someone bring the whip and handcuffs. plus a Secrets postcard. )

I'll start on those summaries for dummaries tomorrow.
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First off: Tonks love! [ profile] theregoesyamum has a great character profile up on Tonks: The Deconstruction of a Miss Nymphadora Tonks. In which Gun goes into the character, how Tonks is smart and blunt and fallible and real, and then the writer backs her shit up with evidence. Good times.

Second: You know, if you don't like what I'm doing in my stories, tell me. But give me evidence and specifics, not just "yeah, this licked, you hack." I'm willing to take criticism as much as anyone, but give me a hand and make it constructive, KTHNX.

PS No one actually said that my writing licks, or called me a hack. I'm paraphrasing.
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Allow me to clarify my rabidness about the Anita Blake books:

They're books. I tend to focus on the positive and the things I like in them, as I dislike to the extreme the crap that comes off a lot of the AB forums on the Internet, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to the books faults. These days, all that I read goes through the "Anita Blake fanfic" filter, so it's likely I'm looking at the books in a different way than you lot.

So here it is: As opposed to the normal sunshine and cheer that goes around here, take the opportunity to nitpick, to say what you don't like about the Anita Blake books/characters/cover art etc. Thing is, if you say you don't like something, you need to say why.

Also, feel free to comment anonymously.

ETA PS: There are now spoilers for Micah and the Danse Macabre teaser in this thread. FYI KTHNX.
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Like a dutiful fan, I went out and bought Micah on Feb. 28. After lots of consideration, I give it thumbs up. Hiding behind this cut is a bit about me, LKH's characters and what happens when you're too invested in a series )

I'll break down the Danse Macabre teaser at a later time.


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