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21 nominations at the Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards for me this year! Thanks to everyone who was so kind as to nominate my stories! I'm very flattered :) Now, if you want, you can read (or re-read) the nominated stories and vote if you would like :)

Banners cut for your pleasure )

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The Twisting the Hellmouth results are in for the 2006 Crossing Over Awards, and all in all, I'm an all over squee. Wanna know why?

Because I am a winner!

Oh, and some of you voted for me too :D

Best Crossover Author: Me!

Best Anita Blake Crossover: Mind the Gap

Laney's Mega Angst Award: Dawning Light

*brings out acceptance speech* You like me! You really like me! A huge thanks to everyone who voted, and to everyone in general. Your feedback and and support for my writing really makes this whole process so much more fun (because not only am I getting to do what I love, write, I know that people are reading what I put out there). I couldn't ask for better, more supportive readers.

Also -- there is some seriously good fic on TTH, and I encourage you all to go read the winners and nominees of all the awards. TTH ficcers are awesome!

*hugz 2 U-all*
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I know I said I was on hiatus, but hey, who can stay away when it's COA voting time?

TTH Crossing Over Awards 2006!
(to vote, you'll need to have an existing TTH account)

My fics that you can vote for!

2006 Best Crossover Author -- Mhalachai (yes, that's me)

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For [ profile] cissasghost, because she's not feeling so great: Candlelight: Five

ETA: No one appreciates my sense of humour. A not-a-winner from the Batman Begins challenge at [ profile] movie_stillness:
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From my ficlette thing a couple of weeks ago, for [ profile] sparrow015: Nathaniel and Andrew. It developed into a 2,000-word Mind the Gap ficlette, so it's up at TTH as well. Enjoy!

It's all Sumerian to me
By Mhalachai
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. No profit has been made from this fic, and the only benefit to me is personal satisfaction and the creative process.
Notes: A Mind the Gap ficlette. Set a couple of weeks after MtG.
It's all Sumerian to me )
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Five ficlettes! I was going to write drabbles, but don't have the discipline. So, the ficlettes! (The Inevitable universe ones are in the next post)

Title: In Style
Characters: Dawn and Jean-Claude (BtVS/AB)
For: [ profile] emony2
Notes: In the Mind the Gap universe. Half a year after MtG ends. Also, a hint of purple.
In Style )

Title: Calling it a Disaster
Characters: Xander and Asher (BtVS/AB)
For: [ profile] semirhage527
Notes: There was a request for some Anita rage. Here you go.
Calling it a Disaster )

Title: Careful
Characters: Jason and Graham (AB)
For: [ profile] sabriel_0405
Notes: With a theme of pack hierarchy. Possible ID spoilers.
Careful )

Title: One Night
Characters: Anita and Luna (AB/HP)
For: [ profile] monique_chan
Notes: Not Inevitable universe. Spoiler free
One Night )

Title: Blank
Characters: Willow, Weasleys (BtVS/HP)
For: [ profile] lissa_triana
Notes: Random idea out of nowhere.
Blank )
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Mind the Gap epilogue is added, and the story is DONE. DONE, I say!

Now, what to work on next...
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Candlelight Four is posted. It's another of those necessary transition chapters, and you can read my ramble about it here ) I'd post the Mind the Gap epilogue... but I haven't typed it up yet and I have to be at work in seven hours.

The extreme postings today are the work of several days of compliation. Although I did write Shop Talk Three and Candlelight Four today. But most of Switchback was written a while ago. Part of it's my extreme angst at not being able write yesterday (okay, that drabble doesn't count) and my mind racing away. If I just turned this to my own original works.... but I digress.

Good night.
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Candlelight three is posted. It's shorter than Mind the Gap 8.4, but that's good, because if I had to write any more angsty!Buffy I'd be blubbering too much to see the screen. Also, am hopped up on Nyquil for this evil cold. This is the third one this winter. Can we say stress?

Anyway, enjoy Candlelight.
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Rock. Mind the Gap 8.4 is posted!

And the accompanying Candlelight chapter will be up tomorrow. Feel free to post any questions or comments here.
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Am eight pages into the last proper chapter for Mind the Gap, and I haven't even started the Anita/Dawn interaction.

Wait, no. That looks wrong. "Anita and Dawn interaction."

But necessary... I think. Maybe I'll cut some of it, but it builds back story and the relationships.

I think it will go well, the rest. Then all I need to do is write the companionship chapter for Candlelight and the mini epilogue for MtG and I'm set. Neither will be that long, really.

Um.... What else. Fic-wise, I seem to have stumbled into a slash-heavy archive. Is it just me, or are all ficdoms on the internet in male-heavy fandoms heavy on the slash? I don't get it really, although I do enjoy a well-done slash every so often. Maybe because I write such strong female characters, I don't slash. Anyway, come check me out at Skyehawke if you've got a hate-on for TTH. Everything will be crossposted.

So, the Mind the Gap is on the front burner. Inevitable, which was updated yesterday, is also stewing in my brain. I seriously depressed myself on the walk home today as I did mean and nasty things to Anita. Poor girl. I like to write dark Harry Potter fic (NOT dark!Harry... I mean that) and with the ABverse... Not a fluffy bunny story. But no one dies.

Anyway, I ramble. Bedtime. Last night I had dreams about being late for work and about being tired. Clearly, a message.
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New bullet-proof master plan. I'm going to alternate with the MtG world and Inevitable. Which means that since I posted Nice Girl early this week, that Inevitable 11 is next on tap.

In the reseach for this chapter, I find that the HP Lexicon says that Lily Potter was 21 when she died. Does that sound right to you all? Hrm.

I spent the day thinking of a Jason and Anita stand-alone AB Fic. It's so cute. But I'll probably never write it.

Question for all you Mind the Gap readers )
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After what feels like forever, Nice Girl is finally done. What's it about, you ask?

After three months of dating, Dawn's ready to take her relationship with Gregory to the next level. But nothing's ever easy with these two..

And OMG so long. My verbosity astounds even me.

Anyway, please let me know what you think. I'm slightly nervous about it, with such a high rating.


Mar. 18th, 2005 11:36 am
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Spent last night yammering on the trillian and plugging away at the as-yet unfinished "Nice Girl", my foray into the PG15 category for the Dawn and Gregory stuff. As with all things I write, it's long. The supposedly plotless fluff piece is now 46kb and is a look at Gregory and his past as it influences his dating habits.

But it's a lot more fun that that summary says.

Am planning good things for Inevitable. Poor Anita has quite a lot in store for her.

Mind the Gap is drafted out, the bitter end. I have the last line. It's so cute. But anyway. Then Candlelight and the Me in Team can get into full swing.

Also an FFA for Faith and Nathaniel.

La la. So to sum up, something should be done by Sunday,
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Gacked from [ profile] cissasghost:

If there's anything you've been dying to ask a character from my fic, ask away - and the character will answer. The question can be related to the fic, character's backstory, life in general, how they get the caramel into the caramilk bar, whatever. Keep in mind that if you're asking a question about the future or something as yet unknown, only characters with a psychic sort of bent will be able to answer.


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After my most recent glitch with my brain dribling out my ear (and my new work schedule that is messing with my sleep schedule, pesky thing, that), I'm slowing my fics down in an effort to make them better. Rushing bad. Quality good!

Okay, enough of that. I'm contemplating writing a Dawn/Gregory ficlette, set sometime after the Christmas party with a much, shall we say, stronger rating. I dunno. What the flist's take on those adult-oriented stories? Generally speaking, of course.
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Because [ profile] grrarrg0908 was so nice in her review of Candlelight, I post for you all chapter two! I have no patience. Anyway, enjoy. Inevitable 10 is on the way tomorrow.
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So my pattern seems to be, write write write when I post a new story, then let it slide a bit. Not concious at all, I swear. The next chapter of Candlelight is mostly done, but I need to run it through the Buffy filter tomorrow (aka: Is this Buffy's thoughts?). I also need to make a flowchart as to how the various parts of my Mind the Gap saga mesh together. Because technically, the parts I've written for Candelight and the Me in Team take place before the next chapter of Mind the Gap.

Inevitable... I'm trying to write a Jason and Harry and vampire scene, and it's hard. Trying to make Harry into the honourable one is hard, because Harry's never had to defend a lady's honour before. And trying to describe the Circus always makes my head ache. And then comes the Anita/Richard/JC scene in which Richard finds out his pack has been keeping things from him. *ominous music*

Masks: Done. Over. Finished. The only other thing Kindred the Embraced on my mind these days is a FFA entry idea or two.

Any Given Tuesday: Maybe with my new and improved work schedule, I can get more productive use out of my day. I think part of the problem is I'm wacko convinced I'm under a deadline for Inevitable, of July 15. And with the length Inevitable will probably be... Must remember that this is all for fun. Must remember...
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The prologue and chapter one of Candlelight, the sort-of sequel to Mind the Gap*, are posted. The prologue is "Over Flame" from my FFA entries, but Chapter One is brand new and ready for your consumption. Please enjoy.

(*) I know I said that The Me in Team is the sequel to Mind the Gap. It is, too. Candlelight and The Me In Team will be running concurrently. My mind is a very complicated place.
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Nothing like posting a brand new fic and neglecting the "T" on the first word of the title. Yeesh.

Anyway, I give to you The 'Me' in Team. A Kate Lockley/RPIT crossover. And while this may just look like another AB/BtVS crossover, never fear. It might just tie into the Mind the Gap universe and the sequel to that. Which I should have up soon. Real soon.

ETA: I just realized why this is a Good Thing(tm): Candlelight isn't really the sequel to Mind the Gap; it's more a sister story. The Me in Team will be the sequel, dealing with the fallout of the Mind the Gap conclusion. I need to get me one of those index pages soon. Counting FFA entires, the MtG series stands at five, to be upped to six very soon. Go me.

ETA on July 31, 2008: Oh how I lie. I lie like a dog.


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