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First Place [personal profile] naushika
Second Place [personal profile] colls
Third Place & Best Colour [personal profile] dani_meows
Fourth Place (tie) [personal profile] ascendant_angel
Fifth Place (tie) [personal profile] lost_spook
Fifth Place (tie) & Best Colour [personal profile] lifeistoobrevis
Fifth Place (tie) [personal profile] fueschgast
Best Cropping [personal profile] piplupcommander

AMAZING JOB this week, we had a lot of ties for sixth, seventh and many eighth places, so even if you're not up here, you did great. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS


Also if anyone ever wants a banner for any placing/etc please let me know and i will make them.

The Defenders - through 1x03

Aug. 20th, 2017 12:48 am
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Aug. 19th, 2017 09:02 pm
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I went to a Scandinavian festival this morning, which seemed bad timing given the recent events in this country. Can you get more white than a Scandinavian festival? But I've been trying to get myself to do more new things, and it was in my neighborhood, on my way home from buying a new tub spigot at Home Depot. I ate Swedish meatballs and Swedish pancakes and watched some Scandinavian dancing, which reminded me of Regency or square dancing, with people changing from dancing with their partner, to clusters of four, to the entire group all swirling in unison.

I thought briefly of a Regency party, but then my brain went to my recent Quinn/Ben fic, and Horton hiring Ben to attend his celebrity parties, and chat up the wallflower ladies, and dance with them, while Quinn is an honored guest and lionized. After everyone had left, the musicians would stop their packing up, and play one more song so that Quinn and Ben could dance together.

Which is not really much of a fic. I just like the thought of Quinn and Ben in tuxes dancing together.

Speaking of bunnies, I watched the 1946 version of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. These strangers are invited to a house party on a deserted island. Every two bedrooms in this mansion share a bathroom in between, so these people who have just met are knocking on the door to let the other person know that the room is now available. Doesn't that scream fanfic? I think John and Rodney, with at some point, Rodney banging on the door and insulting how long John takes on his hair. Only not with that particular story, which has a lot of paranoia, distrust, and people being murdered. Interesting, but not something to rewrite. A happy house party on a deserted island with total strangers who bicker and fall in love and have sex in a big four poster bed.
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Source: [59] (Day 10: Draw a pony fighting / Draw a pony grappling)

It's a "Makeup Day". You can catch-up by sending your stuff to the submission form up to twenty times. The Makeup Gallery is over here.

Mind that deadline. It's midnight Mountain Standard Time, which is 3 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time and 8 AM UTC. There's usually an extension on top of that, somewhere around three hours.
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As far as I can tell, Kentucky is pretty and people are very friendly. They keep talking to us even though we understand maybe 10% of what they say. We mostly nod and look benevolently confused and vague in return.

Waiter: where are you from?
Me: Canada.
Waiter: but where exactly?
Me: Toronto.
Waiter: oh, well, you’re not too bad. Them Quebec people, I can’t understand a word they say.

from Tumblr

We have a roof

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:35 pm
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The roofers finished putting our new roof on today. They hauled ass in amazing ways, not just with putting it on but also with cleaning up after they were done. It looks really good and now we don't have to worry about the grit coming off or the roof leaking.


Of course, because they were here there was no going out or doing anything. Thus I got a lot of writing done on the new novella. I have about 4-5K left to write on it and then I'll need someone to beta it for me. Preferably someone with some familiarity with mental illnesses. Because every single character in the story is mentally ill in one way or another. And/or physically disabled, too. And they're all queer.

Thus I am nervous that I'm going to write something harmful and/or ignorant. *sigh* Still writing, though, because this is the story that's in my head at the moment.

Seriously, I just wanted my asexual/aromantic lesbian story. Sabah's asexual. Caron's aromantic. They're never, ever going to have sex but they are finding their way to making a good life together with their friends.

Anyway. Anyone who's interested in betaing please do contact me. Or if you know of people who beta, point me in their direction, please.

Once the roofers left the hubby smoked up a rack of ribs. They turned out REALLY tender and good. We also had corn from his garden patch. It was a little young but the stalks were bent and broken by the roofers so hey, it was time to harvest them. Very sweet though. I was happy. Though now I have corn bits stuck in my teeth. Need to floss something awful.

Tomorrow the hubby and I are going down to Seattle to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. We had no idea it was there until we saw a commercial for it last night. Then we decided that hey, it's going to be gone on Sept 4th. We better get our butts down there to see it.

Should be very interesting.

So, goals for tomorrow include the Science Center, wandering around Downtown for a bit, doing laundry, writing the end of this story and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me. Goodnight everyone!
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A couple friends let me know that talking about composing for orchestra is, in fact, something that might be of some minor interest and also I am taking a break from working on Dragon Pearl while the Dragon borrows my laptop (which is my writing machine), so.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional composer! I did not go to conservatory. I am an interested amateur. My background is seven years of more or less classical piano, including a few years at the Houston Music Institute (relevant because they taught some theory and basic composition), a few years of viola, and years of screwing around on basically every instrument I could get my hands on, including three summers of classical guitar, mandolin, soprano recorder, pennywhistle, ocarina, and diatonic and chromatic harmonica. (Harmonicas actually get pretty complicated, more complicated than I personally can deal with--different tunings, cross-harp, slant-harp, etc. I only know the basics. [1]) This kind of jack-of-all-trades-ism is not great if you want to be a performer, where you really ought to become expert in your chosen instrument(s), but it's not awful if you want to compose.

[1] To anyone who doubts that the harmonica is a "real" classical instrument, I present to you Villa-Lobos' Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra with soloist Robert Bonfiglio [Youtube], which is the recording I used to have before the stupid fucking flood. That's a chromatic harmonica, BTW; you can tell because of the use of the chromatic slide in some of the ornaments. More information. I will FIGHT anyone who tells me the harmonica is not a REAL INSTRUMENT.

Further caveat, I am only discussing Western music. I don't know enough about non-Western traditions to tell you anything useful about them. I compose more or less neoclassically because that's what pleases my ear and I feel no need to be innovative in a technical/theoretical sense. (Schoenberg's twelve-tone system is brilliant from a technical/theoretical sense but I cannot usually stand listening to it except in the limited context of certain kinds of film/TV scoring. I wouldn't listen to it for fun.)

And for yucks, I have perfect pitch, which in almost all contexts is either useless or an active hindrance (I am a suck liar and let's just say that I avoid a cappella performances and first-year string players like the plague--there's such a thing as good a cappella, but unless you are Carnegie Hall good I don't want to risk it), but has limited applications in the realm of music, ahahaha. For most applications relative pitch is hell and away more useful. (I actually get interference between relative and perfect pitch, which sucks.)

Anyway, let's talk a little about the fundamentals of music from the standpoint of composing.

I keep telling people that composing for orchestra is not hard. Composing for orchestra well is hard. Because it's true! It's a lot of things, true, but you can break it down into components. I'll talk a little more about this below.

Music is about patterns--creating tension with different dimensions of pattern, then resolving it. In terms of pitch, you only have twelve of them repeating across various octaves to work with! But because you can combine the pitches in different ways, you can come up with different melodies. Speaking in terms of standard music notation, that's the "horizontal" dimension. And pitch is combined with patterns of rhythm--units of time. cut for length and tl;dr )

Okay, I am out of brain and I'm not sure any of this even makes sense to anyone who is not me. :] I am happy to answer questions (or, if you compose music yourself, talk shop!).
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Michael J. Yochim, Protecting Yellowstone: Details a series of conflicts about park management over the past few decades, including the reintroduction of wolves, the continued use of snowmobiles, gold mining, and allowing bison to roam beyond park boundaries. The bottom line is simple: politics always wins. But political coalitions can be built depending on the strength of the relevant science, as well as on the framing of issues as being about protecting nature, preserving access to the park, or promoting the economy of the surrounding areas.

Joan C. Williams, White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in AmericaRead more... )

I am Grateful: 8.19.2017

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:54 am
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This was an awesome day.  I got to get out of work early.  I got to pay off another debt.  I got an awesome close spot at Ikea after NOON on a college weekend. 

I am grateful for and love the fact I have the apartment to myself for the weekend.  Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.  I will have the apartment to myself almost every weekend of the Ren Festival season.

I am grateful for and love that fact that it's been an interesting week.  I've had 3 late cancels, but not because they were being dicks, but because life does happen.  One was sick, One made a mistake about which day she was supposed to be out of town (tried calling by our phone system was down for 2 days), and the last called in the afternoon to cancel, because he had work.  I let them all go, mainly because live happens.

I am grateful for and love paying off debts.  It is such a happy feeling to pay off debts, and not worry about them anymore.  

I am grateful for and love evening naps, even unexpected ones.  I was actually trying to meditate, but I was doing a guided meditation, which put me to sleep.  So I then tried doing it on my own, and it worked like a charm to walk myself to my meditation.

I am grateful for and love the guidance that I receive.  I know I am making some major changes to my life, and I really appreciate the guidance my guides, my readers, and teachers have offered me.   It's really been helpful.

Elegy for the Slaughtered

Aug. 20th, 2017 12:41 am
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Posted by Luisa A. Igloria

In the country where now it is the darkest form
of dark, every night has turned nightmare. There,

where demons think they have permission to freely
take what they want from among us, every encounter

is no longer rehearsal but battle. In the lands
where our foremothers sang through their teeth

through the air on wings of power, the cowardly
stumble to erect barricade after barricade.

They have outlawed Uber, though you might still
be able to get a Grab. Merciless traffic, lines

for public transportation so long their measure
could take you out of this world. I wish they would

actually take you out of this world, where not even
the most cautious child can find a sliver of clear

moonlight to guarantee home. But let us sing anyway:
for somewhere, someone winding and rewinding

the closed circuit TV tape has come to the part
where voices have doused the lamps in the alley; where

it is shown how they turned the alley into a sink,
fetid blood and liquids pooling slowly toward a clotted

drain. O for the beating of wings to shrive what they try
to hide in the dank pits of darkness. Collective hubbub

beyond the tracks and open air markets, where butchers
periodically wet their glistening wares with water— animal

jowls; flanks and sweetbreads pulsing under bare light bulbs.
The animal would first have been stunned with some kind

of blow: rendered unconscious, but not yet immediately
dead. The throat might be slashed, or a stake driven

close to the heart, the liver, the spleen. A captive bolt
pistol or conventional firearm might be fired into

the animal’s brain. On the tape, you might hear the boy
as he pleads: not necessarily for his life, just for time.

Someone heard his concern about having yet enough night after this
moment in which to memorize his lessons for a test. What is

the shortest distance between two points if not a line? His killers
were heard goading him to hold a gun; fire it, then run. This is how

animals are trussed tight for the final serve into the fire. It’s how
you know this is something they could not possibly have done to themselves.

~ in memoriam, Kian Loyd Delos Santos and all youth EJK victims; and the 13,000+

Dept. of Birthdays

Aug. 19th, 2017 04:33 pm
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August Birthdays That I've Missed Until Now

Aug. 2 marked the birthday of 
[personal profile] tardis_stowaway . I miss talking to her about fandoms we both love - Who, the MCU, Sherlock (I still believe in John/Sherlock/Mary!) - and anything else that catches our interest. She's a good writer, and a lovely person. So, lovely person, I hope you had a good birthday, and I hope the coming year will be good to you; more than good, great. I also hope to see you around these parts soon!

On Aug. 8, 
[personal profile] the_arc5  had her birthday. The last thing she posted over on/here on LJ was a fantastic 2011 commentary on "The God Complex" from Dr. Who; it was fantastic, and I still occasionally reread it, for the keen understanding of humans and the human condition that I think it shows. I don't know what she's doing, or whether she is ever online in this neighborhood. If she is, I hope she accepts this belated birthday wish. 

Then, on Aug. 10, 
[personal profile] hawkmoth  celebrated her birthday. Once again, this is someone I haven't seen around here for a year or so, and someone I'd love to see again. She is a very good fic writer, and she's also an interesting person. If you're out there, or auditing posts from people, I hope you see this, and know that someone who likes you on LJ is wishing you a belated birthday!

A little closer to the actual date, 
[personal profile] stillbrainfried  celebrated a birthday on Aug. 18. She shares my love of the Ninth Doctor, and of Rose; I hope you had an excellent birthday, and that the year to come is good one for you.*

*I know I say that to almost everyone to whom I wish a happy birthday - and it's because I truly do wish that for everyone. 365 days of decency, happiness, support, creativity and, above all, love given, received, and shared; a gift I hope everyone gets on their birthday. 


Iron Fist - season 1

Aug. 19th, 2017 09:10 pm
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I realized I never actually finished the season and The Defenders is out, oops!

I still think it's by far the weakest of the shows but in the end I didn't hate it.

spoilers for it all and a fair bit of criticism )

Time for the Defenders!

[fic fic and more fic]

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:46 pm
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For the first time in a very long time I am writing fic outside of the constraints of a ficathon. In fact, I've written nearly ten thousand words in the last two weeks (which is a fair bit for me, and I think more than I wrote all of last year put together). So, hey! If any of you are also watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, check out my ongoing run of pre-series ruminations, The Past Forty Years. It includes four stories thus far: The Undertow (Grace and Frankie early on, and the weight of all the things they don't know how to see about each other); The Difference (does it feel strange when Frankie looks at her, or is Grace imagining it?); The Space Between (how to reach out and touch someone, or, as the case may be, fail to connect); The Mark (Grace and the relationships she never quite expected to be so changed by).

And if you're not watching Grace and Frankie but you would like to know why I am, well. I'm more than happy to share. :)

2017 vividcon panel - #vidspiration

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:27 pm
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#vidspiration | mod: kiki_miserychic

A how to guide of sparking creativity to increase vidding output and/or overcome vidder’s block to fuel your vidding motivation.

2017 vividcon panel - #vidspiration )


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