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28. What fandom and/or ship do you Just Not Get that everyone else seems to love?

Clint/Natasha in a romantic way in the Avengers. I can’t help but see their relationship as partnership/friends first and foremost (of course, having said that, I have to say that I love their working relationship and fics in which they are bros and BFFs and epic spy!assassins! beyond compare and there ain’t nothing that can stop them when they put their minds to it).

29. What movie, book, or TV episode makes you cry without fail? (Or get wibbly, if you're not a crier.)

The Body, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s even better/worse when you listen to Joss Whedon’s director’s commentary.

Bridge to Terabithia killed me when I read it. I couldn’t even think about watching the movie because seriously, I would start crying from the first moment. (If you haven't read the book, you really need to do so - it's such an incredibly rich and moving story.)
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23. The holidays are coming. Which means good food. Share a recipe for a dish you love to enjoy during the Merry Thanksmas season. (So we can enjoy it too!)

Being Canadian, we have Thanksgiving in October (like it should be done) and my mother (an honest-to-god Chef) makes awesome food stuffs. My favourite in recent years are:

  1. Roasted Brussels sprouts: Parboil the sprouts so they are nearly cooked, then drain. Preheat your oven to 400F, toss the sprouts in some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then roast until the the sprouts are beginning to brown.

  2. Flat pies: Make the crust and filling for apple pie in the normal way. But then divide the crust mix into four, roll them out into rounds, place 1/4 of the apple filling onto the centre of the crust round, then fold the edges of the crust over the filling, patting it down gently as you go. This way, everyone get their own “pie” and there’s an increased crust to filling ratio.

24. What's a special tradition in your family that makes the holiday season special to you?

While we’re Canadian, my dad spent his college years (in the late 60s) as a surfing liberal arts hippie at UCSB, we do American Thanksgiving (but usually on a Sunday). We save most of the fun for Christmas. I tend to go home on Christmas morning, we have a lovely breakfast (see above re mother the chef) and then presents, then dinner around 2. I tend to get a bit squirrely around noon so I usually go for a walk.

I’m lucky enough to have my family close (an hour drive) and we’re pretty close, so it’s nice to spend time with them on any occasion. I count myself very lucky in this regards.

25. We're on a roll with the holiday stuff. So… what's your favorite holiday movie or TV episode?

A Christmas Story is one of my favourites. For the longest time, I didn’t want to watch it, then one year I was stuck with it and realized how amazing it is. Just the view of life as a child, and the look at the 50s, is brilliant. I love the parents in that movie.

On the other side, the stop-motion movies like Rudolf and Frosty the Snowman… man, I still have nightmares about those.

Randomly, Batman Returns is my fave set-at-christmas story. I fell in love with Michele Pfieffer’s Selina Kyle (of course, I was 12, so that may be the start of my love of strong and twisted female characters)

In music news, the Charlie Brown Christmas album is music gold. If you haven’t listened, I recommend that you do. Your life will be transformed.

26. It's officially one month till Christmas! Post your favorite holiday song.

27. What's a TV show you don't particularly like anymore, but still watch for some reason? Why? (If you're smarter than most of us, which show did you want to love, but gave up on?)

Supernatural. I gave up on it a few years ago and really now just stick with the Tumblr recaps. It got too far away from the sort of thing I like, after they started on their “kill all female characters” spree I drifted away.

Bones, I no longer watch. The smugness of both Bones and Booth was off-putting and I had other things to spend my time on.

I’m on-again-off-again with CSI. I’m enjoying Russell’s calming influence to the team, but other times I wonder why I tune in every week, ya know?
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22. Tell us about the obscure fandom/ship you love that you wish there was MOAR fic for. (Or any fic at all.)

A few years ago, when Unforgettable came out (the one with the woman who remembers every moment of her life and she’s a cop and it’s a thing) I was totally into and there was *no* fic. At all. I went through a phase where I wanted to write ALL the fic, and then I didn’t.

I also wish there was more genderswap fic out there. I love exploring those dynamics in characterization. My current love is female Tony Stark; there are some lovely fics on AO3 with a girl Tony, but what can I say, I’m selfish and want more.
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21. What about LJ keeps you coming back? (Because let's be honest. This place is old. BUT WE ALL LOVE IT ANYWAY. WHY???)

The comment feature, which allows for *actual* conversation. That’s one of the things that I think is holding Tumblr back.

Also, the history. I’ve got all my fics here and the history of the place, ya know :)

It’s nice to know you’re all still here too :) We’ve come a long way together.
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I, uh, fell off the wagon. After finishing Baba Yaga's Children I needed a break from thinking.

15th: We're halfway there and it's a Friday! Just pimp something you've made and/or written. (And if you haven't written/made anything, pimp something from someone else that you love!)

ahahahahahaha oh let me tell you about about what I’ve written.

The most recent series has been my foray into Avengers/Stargate, A Widow’s Tale,  which follows the path of Natasha Romanoff as she joins SHIELD, becomes part of the Avengers, and reconnects with her son, John Sheppard, although not necessarily in that order. Trust me it totally works. And it’s incredibly long (like 220,000 words so far) so there’s a lot to dig into.

Widow’s Tale series

And other stuff…. there is a soft spot in my heart for a few fics of mine:

Pocket Watch Boy: Ianto Jones is a very different sort of boy. (wee!Time Lord!Ianto) (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

Marking Time: These are the things Peter Burke knows about Neal Caffrey's beginnings. None of these things are true. (White Collar/Doctor Who crossover)

Agent Afloat Atlantis: Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected. (Stargate Atlantis/NCIS crossover)

Immutability: Ghosts are haunting Spencer more than usual (Criminal Minds, a ghost story)

Rosemary, for Remembrance: And then there was the time John Sheppard turned into a girl and no one thought it was strange but Rodney McKay. (genderswap!Sheppard, sort of)

16: What are your favorite doomed ships? Ships that never were? Canon ships?

I tend to stick with canon OTPs; I can’t unsee canon, yah know. That’s why I think I’m so stoked about Natasha/Bucky at the moment… they’re canon! At least in comics land.

17 What song(s) always reminds you of that One Fandom Moment? (Link us to the musics!)

I’m going to skip this one as I’m not really sure how to answer… I’ll see if I can insert a fanmix later on. (I love a good fanmix)

18. Share your favorite fandom places/sites outside of LJ.

that’s it, mostly… most of my fannish activity has been on LJ or Tumblr.

19. What about fandom drives you crazy sometimes?

The refusal to look consider the other types of human love other than eros - there are also

  • storge, family love

  • philia, the love of friends

  • agape, spiritual love

One of the downsides of there being such a focus on eros in all aspects of conventional media (in both fiction and non-fiction - take a look at the love-lives of celebrities on your supermarket checkout shelves) is that things like familial love and true friendship get pushed aside as not important. I think that does a huge disservice to everyone, by constantly saying that romantic love is more important than friendship or families.

To be fair, this isn’t a fandom problem, it’s a societal one. Fandom just tend to exacerbate the problem some days.

20. Who is your favorite sidekick?

Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf. He’s just awesome and Dylan O’Brien knocks the acting out of the park (yes, I am of the opinion that Stiles is the sidekick to Scott’s hero.)
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Write about your first fandom crush(es). (Post a picture of them if you can!)

This certainly goes back a ways. Like, honestly first? Julia/Danziger on Earth2. I know how weird that sounds, but hey, unconventional OTPs are my thing. The other OTP was Sam/Jack in Profiler, in an odd way. I spent a year convinced that the best plot device ever would be that Sam (a profiler with the FBI) was actually Jack, the serial killer she was chasing. Really, the entire first season makes so much sense when viewed through that lens.

Wait. … I misread that header. But hey, that stuff is too fun to delete and a bit of a look too far into my psyche.

Back to fandom crushes. Um. The first fandom crush I can remember was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation, because it was 1987 and I was seven.

Over the years, I haven’t tended to have a lot of crushes, per say… I prefer to find a strong POV character to identify with. Like, in the last ten years, my main POVs are usually strong loner types who find a family against all odds, goshdarnit.

Don’t believe me?

  • Anita Blake.

  • John Sheppard.

  • Natasha Romanoff.

  • Ziva David.

(oh god that would be the best strike team EVER)

My only real fandom crush at the moment, as in let me stop everything and look at publicity photos from four years ago you little sweetie, is Sebastian Stan. Look at this cutie.

who wants to look at pictures of Sebastian Stan? )
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Day 12

Okay. Let's be real. We all have lives outside of fandom. What else are you obsessed with, or particularly good at, that most LJ'ers don't know about?

Photography. Quirky found shots.

Actually that’s a lie I’m not good at anything. What I do is write - all day at work, in some form or another, and then that’s apparently my hobby as well, so I guess I’m particularly good at verbing and nouning.

Speaking of which, there's a new chapter of Baba Yaga's Children out :P

Day 13

Post a photo that you love.

Oh hell, I don't know. There's a lot of fun things on my scenery tag on Tumblr.

And this picture always cracks me up.

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What movie are you most looking forward to this holiday season? (Link to a trailer so we can experience the impending awesomeness too!)

Not really much in the next few months, but I'm counting down to Captain America: The Winter Soldier with every fibre of my being. Like I have already booked off April 4 to go see that movie.


I need some Winter Soldier icons.
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What's your favorite new Fall 2013 TV show? (If fic exists, share your favorites!)

Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield. I’m also trying to watch Dracula, but I know the general story and I’m having a hard time getting engaged.

Why Sleepy Hollow? It’s funny and interesting. Mostly, what I love about the show is that it sets up the normal tropes and then destroys them in a single blow by having things happen like they might in real life.

Also Orlando Jones is a gift.

Why Agents of SHIELD: I dunno, I like it. I’m personally convinced that Melina May is an ex-Slayer and Skye’s like the secret lovechild of Wolverine or something. That’s another show that takes the piss out of the your usual TV tropes. If only it were to get a bit more interesting...

(I’m also watching Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian mystery series set in 1890s Toronto. I hear you Americans can see it on Netflix while we Canadians are stuck watching it on the CBC website.  It’s so far beyond tongue in cheek that I can’t even begin. If you like psuedo-historical crime shows, check it out.)

(I’m also watching the hell out of Elementary - it’s such an intelligent show. The opening monologue of this week’s episode (in the meeting) remains my favourite three minutes of television in the past year. Jonny Lee Miller is such a brilliant actor)

(ETA: Things I didn’t realize - Jonny Lee Miller was in Hackers and was married to Angelina Jolie for like 20 seconds three years.)
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Who is your favorite villain?

That... is a good question. On the morally ambiguous side of things, I think that Regina from Once Upon a Time is up there as a fascinating modern villain.

When it comes to serious villains, Profiler did a great thing with Jack Of All Trades back in the day. Were any of you around back then? Disclaimer: I was 16 when Profiler came out and that was the show I first imprinted on as a fangirl. And possibly went a bit overboard. (Sorry for the ads, it was a free hosted space and it was 1996).

As for evil, like the worst of the worst, BOB in Twin Peaks is probably on the top of my list. Not that BOB is a favourite, but when it comes to villains, BOB is just pure evil and the only one who’s ever really made me unable to sleep.
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Post a song that makes you want to write. (Or gets you in the mood to read All Of The Fanfic.)

I tend to write to music that has no words; that way I don’t get distracted. My all-time favourite is the cello music of Zoe Keating,who is probably my favourite instrumentalist of all time.

One piece from her most recent album:

Around Christmas I tend to whip out the Charlie Brown Christmas album and play that on repeat for a few weeks. Try this link:!/album/A+Charlie+Brown+Christmas/147388

Other days I stick with the analog world and listen to my local Classic Rock station. Fun fact, my favourite DJ on that station is Sam Ferris, who once upon a time played Ellen Harvelle on Supernatural (also shot in Vancouver). She has a great radio presence.
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I missed yesterday's blogging prompt (mostly because I couldn't think of any other recs other than the ones I posted on the fourth so I figured that I'd just pop in to say hi to everyone. I'm in the middle of the last chapter of Baba Yaga's Children, which has been delayed due to a) work (from which I am taking a vacation day today), b) technology woes, and c) my inability to finish things. But I know exactly what happens in this chapter so in theory, I just need to keep at it. I think I'll have it out on Monday, if not sooner.

Then I need to figure out what I want to work on next. I'm trying to decide between going back to Rhapsody in Blue (my Agent Carter piece) or Child of the Wolf (the Avengers/Teen Wolf crossover). I'm planning to tackle the next part of the Widow's Tale series (tentatively called Old Soldiers as it is, after all, about soldiers who are rather old) during the Christmas break. I need to let that installment percolate a little bit.
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What's your current fandom love(s) and/or ship(s)?

OH MY GOD Avengers. My primary ship is Natasha Romanoff/Bucky Barnes, followed by Peggy Carter/Steve Roger… And a hell of a lot of friendship OTPs in there as well. Natasha and Steve are epics bros, it’s truth..

I have to admit, I usually fall in line with canon ships; canon happenings always influence my love and shipping and my fandom experinces. Maybe that’s why I love crossovers so much; I know it can never happen so I can get away with things in my head.

Other loves: I love Sleepy Hollow with all sorts of burning. Abbie Mills is my new fave. In fact, the entire cast is brilliant (and Orlando Jones is a gift to Tumblr-kind). Not in a ficcy way, although I sort of ship everyone with everyone, if you know what I mean.

Criminal Minds still holds a place in my heart. Honestly, I’d watch an episode of the BAU team just doing team things, skip the KOTW.

I’ve drifted away from some of the other fandoms, both the older ones that are now over, as well as stuff that made me lose interest (Teen Wolf and Doctor Who, I’m looking at you :()
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What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?

Define childhood.

Well, in all honest, Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood. Bring it back on DVD, on the television as reruns, but bring it back. It's a great show for kids.

(This 7-minute clip is when Mr. Rogers went to the US Senate to defend PDF funding)

But I suspect that's not what was meant.

K let's see....

Fraggle Rock was awesome. And weird.

The dancing starts at 2:05 wtf.

The early years of the Simpsons were golden, especially for a pre-teen's sense of humour.

From a fandom perspective, Star Trek: TNG was my first real introduction to science fiction. It was a good intro imo because it was so positive and a forward-looking view of humanity. I really miss Gene Roddenberry and his vision.

M*A*S*H was always on and everywhere, and even though I didn't get the political commentary, the jokes were still accessible to a six-year-old. I think I imprinted on Hawkeye at the age of 3. (As an aside, if you have the chance, read the book by "Richard Hooker" (also called MASH) - it's a fascinating snapshot on the time period.

Roseanne was interesting as my early exposure to it made the concept of having a working class family on television no big deal (although it was, back in the day.)

What about you guys?
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Share your favorite stories (with links!) from your first fandom love(s)/ship(s). Tell us why you still love them.

for the first time, I’m going to have to go rather fully off-script - my old-school links are stuck on a non-working hard drive.

So instead I will share with you some favourite stories from current loves as well as some from the archives.

Happy reading!

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by JoeLawson (Hawaii 5-0)

The one where there are merpeople and Danny's one, only think more shark than guppy. This story, while primarily Steve/Danny, does an amazing job with world-building and telling the stories of the other characters.

Retrograde series by LtLJ (Stargate Atlantis)

The Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years. SG-1 goes to find them, and arrives just a little too late.

A Stargate Atlantis AU to end all Stargate Atlantis stories. LtLJ writes what the Atlantis Expedition *should* have been and should have done. This story made me love Stargate Atlantis even more.

Hawkeye and Anklebiter by Copperbadge (Avengers)

Clint wants to give his kid the world. Isobel's not complicated; she'll settle for a couple of superheroes and a train set.

Kidfic! And an adorable one at that. I love what being a father does to Clint.

Never Leave a Trace by Copperbadge (White Collar)

Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.

This is probably the best White Collar story I've read. It's magical realism  in a prison setting, and just wow. Sam went on to publish a novel with this idea as the starting point and it's just amazing.

A Nick in Time by Tira Nog (Harry Potter)

Cautious Snape sleeps with his wand under his pillow and wakes to unexpected results.

Severus Snape and Harry Potter, both teachers at Hogwarts, get turned into children by a meddling ghost. This is a precursor to a long and equally amazing Snape/Harry story (linked at the bottom of that story). Written before the series ended.

The Coffee Bandits of Greater Manhattan by daroos

A Coffee Shop AU with a twist. Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were thrown together by fate but now run one of the most successful food trucks in the five boroughs. This is a story of how they came to be, how romance can bloom in strange places, and how the bonds of family aren’t always constricting.

What is says on the tin. A lovely AU.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine (Since I Don't Know When) by emungere

"I have two sons," she said. "Ages five and twelve. They're very bright, and I don't say that as a doting mother. I say that as someone who's seen their IQ scores and discovered that the elder was writing essays for a number of university students at fifty pounds a paper."

John Watson, ex-army surgeon, becomes the nanny to Sherlock (5) and Mycroft (12) Holmes, at the isolated Baskerville Hall. Lestrade is the London detective sent down to investigate the strange moor murders. This story went on to spawn a lovely blog in the voice of John Lestrade.

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What was your first fandom love(s)? Your first ship(s)?

In all honesty? Little House on the Prairie because I was like six. (Shut up, I was an early reader). Laura/Alonzo 4eva.

Some of my more enduring fandoms (the one I stick with) are Stargate Atlantis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, Gilmore Girls, Castle…

(There’s a reason Anita Blake isn’t on that list any longer, which I detailed here. I am still planning to finish Inevitable (five years later oh my god) but never in my life have I been so turned off the source material from a fandom I was so invested in. Of course, it could be argued that I haven’t invested that much in a fandom since, so maybe that’s more of defence mechanism.)

Ships - I’m not what you’d call overly shippy, nothing really lingers. The only one I never could never let go of (mostly because I never wrote in this fandom) was girl!John Sheppard (SGA)/Spencer Reid. In my head it was awesome.

Some of the past ships that I can ping back to are Jack/Sam (Profiler - actually, for a while, it was Jack=Sam but let’s not linger on that), Anita/Jean-Claude (AB), Sam Carter/Martouf (SG1)... there was something around Earth2 back in teh day but I can’t remember what it was anymore. Something to do with Julia? And I can’t even look it up because all my old stuff on the external hard drive isn’t working on my PC any longer (this morning’s fun discovery, btw) (also I think I lost my fanvid archive so I’m sad)

Currently? I’m on a Natasha Romanoff/Bucky Barnes kick (which might be a little obvious)
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When did you create your LJ, and what brought you here? How did you get your username? Has it changed?

I made this lj back on... *checks the log* 13 December 2004.

Okay now I feel old.

I had a personal blog before that on LJ and wanted to start posting my fics here, back when LJ was a fandom hotspot.

My username... I had been active in the Profiler fandom back in the day as Zarah, but I wanted to change that up as I had moved away from that fandom. I was on an old testament kick and wanted to use Malachi, but that was taken on LJ so I transliterated to Mhalachai (as my personal blog). When I created my fandom blog I added " 's words" onto my username only it ended up looking like "swords" and I was like whatever.

Been Mhalachai ever since (even on the tumblr)

Random fact of the day: Nothing makes me change the channel faster than the Juicy Fruit commercials. I hate that jingle so much.
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It's Friday and you have better things to do than post a blog entry. Just share something that makes you laugh.

Here's a crow taking a bath.

And the Engineer's Guide to Cats, which is funny because it's so, so true (about engineers).

In non-prompt news, I'm going to the Opera tonight (Tosca, in Vancouver) and it should be amazing. I don't like a lot of live theatre, but the opera has always been fascinating for me.

Just because, here's a Tosca video for you all, with Luciano Pavarotti singing E lucevan le stelle in 1986.

(About Tosca)
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Elle has a great idea, about blogging through November (to bring some life back to LJ). And I've been spending too much time writing intense 10,000-word chapters; I need to lighten up a bit :)


Want to join us?

Here are some prompts :)

NaBloPoMo 2013 -- LJ Class Reunion, Fandom Edition )


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