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You know what's awesome? Fandom awards. The 2008 Stargate Fan Awards were announced last month and...

Agent Afloat Atlantis won for best crossover! (and I got best crossover writer too :) A huge thanks to everyone who voted for the story (and who's read it and all that too).

So if you haven't yet read Agent Afloat Atlantis, I'd recommend it. It's one of the stories I'm most proud of writing. Everything came together so nicely.

Agent Afloat Atlantis, an NCIS/Stargate Atlantis story
Summary: Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Since this was written last year, the spoilers are for last year's timeline, so: Spoilers for the end of season five of NCIS (Judgment Day); for Search and Rescue of season five of SGA.
Word count: ~49,000 total

Link to Part One on LJ
Link to the full story on my website
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only six months overdue...

2008 was the year I started writing Torchwood, NCIS and Bones. There is less here than in previous years, but all in all, a good spread in 2008, considering. Crossovers are listed twice, once under each fandom.

Mhalachai's 2008 fanfic listing )
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The 2008 Crossing Over Award winners are up! And I am very pleased to announce that I have won three categories!

Best non-BtVS/AtS Crossover
Agent Afloat Atlantis (NCIS/SGA)

Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected.

Best Crossover Series
Dawning Light (BtVS/Anita Blake)

Dawn fell from Glory's tower and into the portal. Now she's all alone and scared... but sometimes family comes from the strangest places.

Best Portrayal of Other Characters (Riley Finn)
In the Key of Major Finn
Years later, Lorelai liked to start the story like this: One sunny summer Connecticut day, Adonis walked into the Dragonfly Inn.

Not at all bad for a slow BtVS fic year :D Thanks to all who voted and to all who read my writing!

And now for some numbers on the stories )

Lastly, and I almost missed this, I received 37 nominations. My story Agent Afloat Atlantis received 29 nominations. Whoop!

So many thanks to all voters/readers, and a hearty congratulations to everyone who was nominated. TTH has attracted some of the best crossover authors out there, and it's amazing to see that hard work recognized.
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There's the news going around now about how Livejournal's Russian owners laid off half the staff in LA: The Russian Bear Slashes a Social Network. Livejournal twittered about it and released a press release. As posted by [ profile] beren_writes, news from CNet: LiveJournal deletes 'about a dozen' jobs. So no need to panic.

However, people are backing up their ljs, which is sound practice in any event. I use lj archive (it grabs comments).

But the point of this post on my part is to tell you where you can find me in the unlikely event of a water landing collapse.

All my writing is posted at my website, If LJ goes down, I'll make commenting allowed by people who are not logged in, and put up a blog. My other main fic posting locations are Twisting the Hellmouth and Pomme De Sang. I'm also "on the Google" as Mhalachai.

To sum up: Problems. Don't panic. Find my in your local supermarket checkout line.
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So there's a meme going around... or last week. It's the...

Fic in 2008 meme!

Number of fics/chapters per fandom (most listed twice, once in each fandom):
Anita Blake: 7
Bones: 3
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 9
Doctor Who: 7
Gilmore Girls: 9
Harry Potter: 2
Highlander: 2
NCIS: 14
Pretender: 2
Sarah Jane Adventures: 1
The Shining: 1
Stargate Atlantis: 19
Stargate SG1: 8
Supernatural: 2
Tin Man: 2
Torchwood: 18
Twilight: 1

This year's new fandoms: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Bones, NCIS, Twilight.

Fandoms that WILL NOT DIE: I keep coming back to Buffy, and to Anita Blake. For ever and ever...

Total number of words: 224,425 oh my god.

And this was a slow year.... 2009 will be better!
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So. Remember Blood Ties? [ profile] forsaken_fandom is having a Blood Ties fic awards thing, and there's voting and stuff. My Blood Ties stories are up for awards, and if you are so inclined in the Blood Ties fandom, you can vote for them.

Up for:

Best Author: Me :)

Best AU Fic and best Humour fic: Bodyswapping Only Looks Fun On TV: Whatever fantasies Vicki had about waking up in Henry's bed, none of them including waking up as Henry...

Best Crossover: Honour Among Thieves (Crossed with Highlander): Henry Fitzroy's past is littered with old friends and even older enemies... so which is it lurking in the shadows of the twilight?

Best characterization (Vicki): Vertigo: At three in the morning is the only time Vicki can let herself think about how far down the rabbit hole she's fallen... (Episode tag to 5:55)

So if you want to go vote, or even if you want to revisit some Blood Ties fic, head on over to:

Blood Ties voting list
And those voting rules

[/fandom PSA]
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Well, runner-up.

The news of today is that my Torchwood story, Pocket Watch Boy (The Life and Times of Ianto Jones) came in as a runner-up for Best DW/TW Crossover Fic over at [ profile] dwtwslashawards. Cool :)

If you're up for some awesome reading, check out the award-winners -- there's enough Torchwood and Doctor Who fics there to keep you busy for days! The award page

That is all :)
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2007 Fanfic listing! It's interesting what I wrote last year, compared with 2006 and 2005. Or something. There are duplicates if they cross fandom categories. All alphabetical instead of chronologically.

Anita Blake )Blood Ties )Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series )Gilmore Girls )Harry Potter )Highlander )House MD )Pretender )Sherlock Holmes )Stargate Atlantis )Stargate SG-1 )Sweet Valley High )Supernatural )
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21 nominations at the Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards for me this year! Thanks to everyone who was so kind as to nominate my stories! I'm very flattered :) Now, if you want, you can read (or re-read) the nominated stories and vote if you would like :)

Banners cut for your pleasure )

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Hey everyone, nominations are still open at the Twisting the Hellmouth's 2007 Crossing-Over Awards. Nominations end Tuesday afternoon, so get to nominating :)

(And then the voting begins! Yay to fics)
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Even I, with my head buried in the fandom sand, have noticed the recent mess over FanLib.

So I have dusted off my soap box and have some words. Keep in mind that I'm tired after an 11-hour work day and am pretty much incoherent. So I will let the linky links do my talking.

First off, I can't even begin the backstory on this one, I have some links that I think will nicely sum up my feelings on the matter:

The comm to end all comms: [ profile] life_wo_fanlib

101 reasons by [ profile] liz_marcs to stay away from FanLib

As proof that we will slash anything: FanLib is already generating its own advertising slash fic: "In Just Seven Fics, I Can Make You A Man" (FanLib slash, rated ... Um.) by [ profile] lizbee

And something from a dude named Henry Jenkins who sets out the whole FanLib background in nice plain text and language.

Then, word from on high:

Cory Doctorow: In Praise of Fanfic -- in which a nice level-headed guy says something nice about us fanfic writers.

He's even so well liked that Tanya Huff/[ profile] andpuff (my new saint, after having watched the first several eps of Blood Ties -- omg a fun show) points everyone in the essay's direction, without mentioning FanLib directly.

Then why I'm not too worked up over it:

My fandom has already been put on notice.

I speak, of course, about the Anita Blake books. If you follow my fics, you'll have noticed that no matter how annoyed I get with current canon, I can't stay away. Dawning Light, Inevitable, Switchback, etc., etc. Anyway, Laurell K. Hamilton has made some noise in the past about fanfic being disallowed, and to this day most mainstreamish fic archives won't allow Anita Blake fic in. That's fine. I can pretty much guarantee that my fandom's never going to bcome part of the mass of FanLib (Can't tell if the "Lib" here stands for Liberation, Liberty or Libel). I like it like that. Ignore me and I won't hurt the canon.

And that's not even beginning with the crossover angle to all this.

To make a long story short (too late!) I'm going to stay as far away from FanLib as possible, as it's not the sort of place I want my writing.

In unrelated news, I'm fascinated with the song Fulsom Prison Blues. I miss Johnny Cash.
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My fanfic website is live!

We're live! All my fanfic, in one place! I still have a few more drabbles from 2006 to put up, but it's all there! Guess how many stories there are? 233! Zing!

Feel free to add an account to my website, to track your favourites, to make comments, anything you want. I will still be posting my fics here on my LJ, and on the assorted archives.

As always, send feedback!
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ETA: Changed the rules, as I can't write one-sentence on these. *Has no restraint*


Hi. You might remember me from such fics as were posted in 2006. You know, last year. Uh huh. I'm coming down off the most hellish quarter at work ever (you know we actually started using the phrase math 4eva! ?) and need to get my creativity back up and running. So, it's time for run-on sentences!

Stealing 75% from [ profile] houses_on_fire:

In the vein of Summaries for Dummaries (One and Two), it's the The Single Sentence Quasi-drabble Fic Meme:

Name a character or pairing and a prompt, and I'll write you a one sentence Quasi-drabble (ie somewhere in the ballpark of 100 words) fic.

Any universe I have written on before, and/or is listed on my tags page, is fair game. Request as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like. They can be outtakes from existing fics, or just out of the air.

Be creative! Have fun!

6 posted!

Dawning Light, Dawn and JC...prompt 'baseball' )
Dawn/Asher is the pairing, and masks is the prompt. )
Dawning Light 'verse . . Anita/Jean-Claude . . prompt 'socks' )
Dawning Light- Dawn/Vampires -- Barbie Dolls )
Faith/House, Prompt: I dare you. )
House, Wilson and Cuddy, buttercups )
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Over on Pomme de Sang, the Anita Blake fanfic archive, they have monthly author interviews. I'm up for February, so if you're on the PDS boards and you want to ask me a question, head on over to the thread to ask questions of me, a very reclusive and private individual.


You are now returned to your regularly scheduled workday.
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The 2006 fanfic meme, with questions posed from my charming readership. Enjoy my rambling!

Fanfic 2006 meme )

I hoped you enjoyed! Me rambling... that's what I do. I can't wait for all the fic 2007 holds!
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Hi everyone. As 2006 nears its end, the looming question arises for each fanfic writer: What navel-gazing fic meme to fill out?

I've decided to change it up a bit -- I want you to give me a question to put in the meme. An example might be: "What was the hardest story to write?" Or something goofy like "How many red herrings are in Story X?"

Anyway, feel free to chime in. Otherwise, I'll make stuff up and let me tell you: It won't be pretty.

Response from me due out Dec. 31, 2006.
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The Twisting the Hellmouth results are in for the 2006 Crossing Over Awards, and all in all, I'm an all over squee. Wanna know why?

Because I am a winner!

Oh, and some of you voted for me too :D

Best Crossover Author: Me!

Best Anita Blake Crossover: Mind the Gap

Laney's Mega Angst Award: Dawning Light

*brings out acceptance speech* You like me! You really like me! A huge thanks to everyone who voted, and to everyone in general. Your feedback and and support for my writing really makes this whole process so much more fun (because not only am I getting to do what I love, write, I know that people are reading what I put out there). I couldn't ask for better, more supportive readers.

Also -- there is some seriously good fic on TTH, and I encourage you all to go read the winners and nominees of all the awards. TTH ficcers are awesome!

*hugz 2 U-all*
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I know I said I was on hiatus, but hey, who can stay away when it's COA voting time?

TTH Crossing Over Awards 2006!
(to vote, you'll need to have an existing TTH account)

My fics that you can vote for!

2006 Best Crossover Author -- Mhalachai (yes, that's me)

Behind a cut because of many banners )
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Hi kids. Work go boom. Me go bye.

I'll be back in fic land in a couple of weeks at the latest, but as of right now I don't have any time for anything besides work. All hail crunch time.


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