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What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?

Define childhood.

Well, in all honest, Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood. Bring it back on DVD, on the television as reruns, but bring it back. It's a great show for kids.

(This 7-minute clip is when Mr. Rogers went to the US Senate to defend PDF funding)

But I suspect that's not what was meant.

K let's see....

Fraggle Rock was awesome. And weird.

The dancing starts at 2:05 wtf.

The early years of the Simpsons were golden, especially for a pre-teen's sense of humour.

From a fandom perspective, Star Trek: TNG was my first real introduction to science fiction. It was a good intro imo because it was so positive and a forward-looking view of humanity. I really miss Gene Roddenberry and his vision.

M*A*S*H was always on and everywhere, and even though I didn't get the political commentary, the jokes were still accessible to a six-year-old. I think I imprinted on Hawkeye at the age of 3. (As an aside, if you have the chance, read the book by "Richard Hooker" (also called MASH) - it's a fascinating snapshot on the time period.

Roseanne was interesting as my early exposure to it made the concept of having a working class family on television no big deal (although it was, back in the day.)

What about you guys?
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It's Friday and you have better things to do than post a blog entry. Just share something that makes you laugh.

Here's a crow taking a bath.

And the Engineer's Guide to Cats, which is funny because it's so, so true (about engineers).

In non-prompt news, I'm going to the Opera tonight (Tosca, in Vancouver) and it should be amazing. I don't like a lot of live theatre, but the opera has always been fascinating for me.

Just because, here's a Tosca video for you all, with Luciano Pavarotti singing E lucevan le stelle in 1986.

(About Tosca)
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I tried writing this weekend and got about 2,000 words into a Criminal Minds/Castle crossover when I realized it was going in the wrong direction... and then I was out of writing time. I had to step away, and I think I can salvage it by tightening the intro, doing a character reveal a bit sooner, and getting to the meat of the crossover quicker. Normally I do this stuff after I write the entire first draft, but I just hit the wall today and knew things were going in the wrong direction.

Oh well. Baby steps. The important thing is that I did writing!

The whole reason I started down this road with this crossover is that there is a vastly under-explored area in crossovers, and that is the recent swath of New York cop shows. I personally would love to see the following crossovers:

  • White Collar and Castle (come on! they fight crime! in New York! Castle would be absolutely fascinated by Caffery. And the world needs more Diana.)

  • Criminal Minds and White Collar (come on! they fight crime! in the FBI!)

  • Castle and Criminal Minds: Because once a show has a serial killer and FBI episode, a Criminal Minds crossover is mandated by California state law.

So if I can't find these crossovers, I'm going to have to write them.

If I can get the epic Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis/Criminal Minds/White Collar/Castle crossover out of my head. Seriously.

Although, to be fair, sometimes it's ideas from these monster disasters crossovers that give me some of my best ideas. I got Inevitable out of (and I kid you not) Highlander/Smallville/Anita Blake/Harry Potter.

So yay to Sunday writing, and hopefully I can continue with this.

Change of topic: If you're into the Doctor Who and haven't already seen these: Two "missing scenes" between episodes that I think they are planning to put on the DVDs. This may be the most brilliant piece of television ever. Because: Space Gandalf. And Amy asking if the Doctor is a Space Squid. Love.

behind an lj cut to save your flist )
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It's shaping up to be one of those weeks months years. And sometimes, in all of that, you just need to take a moment to watch some baby animals.

Elk calf plays in the mud!


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The original slash couple, Kirk and Spock, doin' it canon style (an excerpt from the 60s show, SFW you pervs)

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I'm halfway through the latest Laurie R. King book, The Language of Bees (the Sherlock Holmes pastiche series) and I just saw this line, and it made me remember why I so enjoy this woman's writing:

I perked up. Was I about to become a participant in a Black Mass?

How often does one come across lines like that in a 1920s mystery?

Anyway, I wanted to share. While I'm on a tangent, have some classic Whose Line is it Anyway? (improv), with Scenes from a Hat:

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From Scazli's blog, a Tainted Love cover by Max Raabe. As he says, it's "as if the Weimar Republic somehow made it to 1981. Which, you know, wouldn’t have been a bad thing, considering what the alternative was."

And totally check out the cover of "Oops! I did it again!" while you're at it.

And if you were born before 1981: A little Utah Saints Something Good 2008 to make you smile

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Run, do not walk, to watch this short film on YouTube. At 2:19 minutes, it contains one of the most stunning stories I've ever seen unfold. No words, no movement, just sheer artistry.

Carousel, a short film directed by Adam Berg (Stink Digital)

YouTube embed below the cut )
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I shouldn't be allowed to post on LJ on the first day back from vacation.

Here, have a fake movie trailer.

10 Things I Hate About Commandments
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Time for my bi-weekly check-in. Mhalachai is alive and kicking... and complete with YouTube entertainment!

This week, we have recut trailers:

Sleepless In Seattle: Horror  )

The Shining: Romantic comedy )

And the best -- Top Gun: An Epic Don't Ask, Don't Tell Love Story )
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Someone posted a youtube for a Twilight (movie) parody yesterday - I opened it up because why not. I was just skimming along, thinking how dumb some of the dialogue from that movie truly was, when at 2:11 it exploded into a Bollywoodesque musical extravaganza! Because the only thing that could have made that movie better would be dancing sparkly Cullens. TRUFAX

I love this clip like burning )

(This came from someone on my flist yesterday - I forget who, but thank you for posting this!)
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I know I've been completely absent in recent weeks. This will continue for a few more weeks/months, as work has gone completely Brechtian. But I will be back soon! And I will finish:


Dawning Light!

Physics of the Spin!

That Torchwood/NCIS crossover!

John Sheppard as a girl!

That Torchwood/Pretender crossover!

And maybe even someday Switchback.

In the meantime, I leave you with: What News Anchors do on Commercial Breaks )
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As a writer, I take speeling very seriously. That's why I recommend that you watch Taylor Mali's philosophical commentary, "The Impotence of of Proofreading".

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WNRNG: This will be YouTube heavy.

So for some reason today I watch the Beyonce video to All the Single Ladies video and my brain broke.
All the Single Ladies: Put your hands up for some social commentary )

In summation: I'm not even 30 yet and I don't understand the music these days.
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Hello everyone. In some non-fandom-but-still-awesome related news, the David Suzuki Foundation has made up a cute little YouTube video all about the Pacific North Coast (above the tip of Vancouver Island up to Alaska). You should watch it because my province is made of awesome. It's so pretty!

(I don't work for the David Suzuki Foundation, but I do work in a related area so I'm all about the pimping.)

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled fandom news.
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From the Stranger Slog: No matter what you might think of the new Star Trek movie, you gotta love a good trailer mash-up:

Star Trek 90210 (Beverly Hills Remix)*

*Contains... well, is, the latest Star Trek trailer. You've been warned.

ETA: The real trailers, if you're up for those. They're so shiny.
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OH MY GOD i'm totally incapable of rational thought. it's the cute!




That is all.
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Hey party people. I'm O SO CLOSE to being done the next chapter of Dawning Light - the only hold-ups are Anita (she's not behaving in the way I want so I need to do a bit of re-writes on her reactions to the five-year-old) and my time this week being all booked up. But I'm SO CLOSE. I am really looking forward to that.

Next item of the agenda: Worst music video of all time, or just the 20th Century? (And this all started from a post by John Scalzi)

You kids out there have no idea how good you had it, with your growing up in the late 90s. You know what MTV was like for us back in the 80s? It was like this:

youtube embed cut#1 )

Words cannot begin to describe how bad this video is. Can anyone explain the plot that suddenly appears halfway in? And those glasses and perms in the video? Yeah, we all had those.

Although I think this video here might threaten Toto for top spot of badness. It's so bad I'm prevented from embedding it here. Steven Perry looks like he's trying to pass a kidney stone while singing.

Luckily, Journey made up for it with this piece of truly awesome American rock:

youtube embed cut#2 )

But enough of the music: Pocket Watch Boy is up for a Children of Time award.

Voting starts Dec. 1, so I'll make another post or something. Nominees are already posted so you can go read lots of good Who fic.

Don't Vote

Oct. 2nd, 2008 09:55 am
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This is a pretty cool youtube:

Don't Vote

(I'd register to vote but I'm Canadian and that's frowned upon. I'm voting in my election on Oct. 15 14 :)
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If anyone wonders why I love NCIS, here's a short clip from the show (seasons past, mind you) to demonstrate why:

Ziva, did you kill Houdini? a youtube cut )

Sept. 23 is too far away.

Happy Sunday.


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