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If you're a MCU fan and Steve + Bucky are your jam, you have to read the Reciprocity series by osprey_archer. It's a stunning look at how Steve and Bucky might work together re recovery, and just this Bucky. Anyway, it's kinda Stucky but not really and it's just great, Bucky isn't okay and Steve really isn't okay and just how they revolve around each other is marvelous and, at time (many, many times) gut-wrenching.

Reciprocity by osprey_archer
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So I was tagged on Tumblr to post ten fics that have stayed with me in some way, and I thought that you guys might like the blast from the past too - enjoy :)

In no particular order:

Retrograde (SGA/SG1) by Martha Wilson:

Retrograde is an epic look at SGA if they'd done nearly everything different in the first season, and then Earth came looking for the expedition. What I love about this story is that by making those changes to the first season (basically using common sense), the world building is so much better, and the characters feel true to themselves.

Blood Magic (Harry Potter) by GatewayGirl:

One of the “If Harry was Snape's son” stories, and it tackles that subject matter in a really good way that keeps to the characterizations. What I love about this story is that Snape isn't some misunderstood white knight, he really is an asshole and we get to see how he grows during the course of the story. Also, Harry is written as a teenage boy who's a bit of an asshole at times and self-centred and just trying to so hard, and it is just a great Harry.

Shades of Ianto (Torchwood) by Sarcasticchick:

This is just an epic take on Ianto Jones, with a rich backstory for him and I highly recommended reading it. It really influenced my view on that character and a lot of Torchwood itself.

Only the Journey Matters (SGA) by GA Unicorn:

This is one of those fun shorts, where a non-canon character is used to explore a canon character's characterization. Basically, how the military folk on SGA see Colonel Sheppard. What I love about this story is that it looks at how the military personnel might approach life on Atlantis under the uncommon command structure.

Shovelling (MASH/BtVS) by PABurke:

A collection of 100 drabbles (100 word each) where Dr. Hawkeye Pierce ends up living next to the Slayer house in Cleveland. What I love about this story is that it gets into your heart and makes you care in 100x100 words. I still cry when I read it. Character death.

Bridges (Stargate/BtVS) by Tassos:

Jack O'Neill is Xander Harris's real father. Bridges is a long and involved telling of trust and dealing and grief and just making it in the world. Even if that world has aliens and demons. What I love about this story is that it made me care about Xander in a way the show failed to do. Great Xander.

Fire and the Rose (Harry Potter) by Abby and Domina

This is the ultimate HP body-swap fic for me - Snape and Hermione swap bodies and have to spend Hermione's seventh year living as the other. It's Hermione/Snape but it makes it work, somehow. What I love about this story is that it's long and involved and a great look at body-swap.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine (Sherlock) by Emungere:

You guys know I like kidfic. In this one, John Watson is brought on as the nanny for Sherlock Holmes (age 5) and Mycroft Holmes (age 12). It's a retelling of the Hound of the Baskervilles (the story not the show) and features Greg Lestrade. It's pre Watson/Lestrade and is wonderful. What I love about this story, besides the writing of actual!five-year-old-Sherlock, is the associated blog the writer's been keeping up:

Never Leave a Trace (White Collar) by Copperbadge:

Sam got me into White Collar through his fic, but Never Leave a Trace is in a category all of its own when it comes to fic. A story about jailhouse magic and what life is like on the inside, Sam ended up turning this into a stand-alone original novel. Even if you don't know White Collar, I recommend this fic to everyone everywhere to see how magical realism can be woven through a fic. What I love about this story is the magical realism spin on things.

The Lodger (Harry Potter) by Mad Martha:

Ending with an HP fic, this one is based on the premise that one day, years after Voldemort, Harry Potter places an ad for a lodger (aka roommate) and Draco Malfoy turns up on his doorstep. What I love about this story is that it looks at lie after Voldemort in an unrelenting way - his death didn't magically fix everything. Turns into Harry/Draco.

Anyone have any recs for me? :D :D
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Share your favorite stories (with links!) from your first fandom love(s)/ship(s). Tell us why you still love them.

for the first time, I’m going to have to go rather fully off-script - my old-school links are stuck on a non-working hard drive.

So instead I will share with you some favourite stories from current loves as well as some from the archives.

Happy reading!

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by JoeLawson (Hawaii 5-0)

The one where there are merpeople and Danny's one, only think more shark than guppy. This story, while primarily Steve/Danny, does an amazing job with world-building and telling the stories of the other characters.

Retrograde series by LtLJ (Stargate Atlantis)

The Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years. SG-1 goes to find them, and arrives just a little too late.

A Stargate Atlantis AU to end all Stargate Atlantis stories. LtLJ writes what the Atlantis Expedition *should* have been and should have done. This story made me love Stargate Atlantis even more.

Hawkeye and Anklebiter by Copperbadge (Avengers)

Clint wants to give his kid the world. Isobel's not complicated; she'll settle for a couple of superheroes and a train set.

Kidfic! And an adorable one at that. I love what being a father does to Clint.

Never Leave a Trace by Copperbadge (White Collar)

Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.

This is probably the best White Collar story I've read. It's magical realism  in a prison setting, and just wow. Sam went on to publish a novel with this idea as the starting point and it's just amazing.

A Nick in Time by Tira Nog (Harry Potter)

Cautious Snape sleeps with his wand under his pillow and wakes to unexpected results.

Severus Snape and Harry Potter, both teachers at Hogwarts, get turned into children by a meddling ghost. This is a precursor to a long and equally amazing Snape/Harry story (linked at the bottom of that story). Written before the series ended.

The Coffee Bandits of Greater Manhattan by daroos

A Coffee Shop AU with a twist. Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were thrown together by fate but now run one of the most successful food trucks in the five boroughs. This is a story of how they came to be, how romance can bloom in strange places, and how the bonds of family aren’t always constricting.

What is says on the tin. A lovely AU.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine (Since I Don't Know When) by emungere

"I have two sons," she said. "Ages five and twelve. They're very bright, and I don't say that as a doting mother. I say that as someone who's seen their IQ scores and discovered that the elder was writing essays for a number of university students at fifty pounds a paper."

John Watson, ex-army surgeon, becomes the nanny to Sherlock (5) and Mycroft (12) Holmes, at the isolated Baskerville Hall. Lestrade is the London detective sent down to investigate the strange moor murders. This story went on to spawn a lovely blog in the voice of John Lestrade.

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Insta-rec time!

Deus ex
Supernatural/BtVS crossover
Summary: Castiel finds God.
by [ profile] websandwhiskers

Why? Because it's like this:

Castiel Finds God.

At Starbucks.

And Dawn is NOT impressed.



Aug. 25th, 2009 10:07 pm
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still obsessed with Stargate Atlantis...

You ever mentally plan a fanfic and it's so real in your head, you're halfway convinced that you've already written it? That's me. It's not like it's a long fic (like, 8,000 words). I should really get on that...

I have created a Delicious account with all my fanfic recs. I'm slowly putting in all my bookmarked fics, and it's interesting to see what patterns are emerging. The House/Wilson/Cuddy fic cluster surprised me, I'll say.

Thanks to [ profile] ranlynn for her banner for Pocket Watch Boy (Doctor Who/Torchwood)! Check it out :)
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So you may have hear of a little movie that came out recently, a remake of a campy 60s science fiction show. I believe it was called Star Trek? I might be wrong. It's not popular at all, from what I hear.

But if you have seen said movie, and are at all interested in the best fanfic EVAR, please feel free to read this story:

Cut and Fucking Paste
by [ profile] crimsonclad
rating: pg-13
Sort of Spock/Kirk and other stuff, it's complicated.

As she says, it's sort of like,
Spock: "Good day to you as well, captain."
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I'm having to rewrite the last part of my girl!Sheppard SGA story Rosemary; I don't know what I was thinking originally, but the first run-thru had such a trite ending it's embarrassing. There was no resolution, and I didn't even get to have Rodney fantasizing about Teyla and Joan all sweaty and hitting each other with sticks. But tonight, while I worked my other job (invigilating exams for the bore) I wrote out the necessary missing section long hand. I should have that up this weekend. Yay.

Also, help me: There's an SGA story out there where Rodney loses his senses of sight and hearing due to something alien, and the story is his POV as John helps him through it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks in advance!

FOUND: Read -.-. --- -. -. . -.-. - .. --- -. by Mad Maudlin

I really need to start bookmarking these things that I read.
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I don't often come across fics that i have to pimp out to the flist AT ONCE, but this one just screams for such treatment. Go! Read! Love!

The Longest Three-Week Day by [ profile] michelel72 (Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis)
Summary: Another day, another "science conference" gone horribly wrong. For once, Dr. Rodney McKay gets help saving the world … but then Donna Noble remembers.
Complete, Donna/Rodney, et ceteras at the post.

Seriously, this story is amazing. It is Donna and Rodney and treats the team in awesome ways. I had this epic smile on my face the whole time.

tl;dr: Read me.
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1. A lovely reader over at the Ginourmous list of Anita Blake/Harry Potter fanfic listing is looking for a fic:

After the war, Harry takes up his inheritance and is informed that he has still (a) relative(s) left. He travels to St. Louis and has a house next to Anita's. Only 2 or 3 chapters, up in the Pit of Voles. Anyone have any clues?

2. How many people here have seen A Christmas Story?
[Poll #1312614]
I have to admit, I resisted seeing until 2005. Then I was stormed in at my parents' house one Christmas day and watched it and OH MY GOD I LOVED IT. It's now my go-to Christmas movie every year. What are your go-to holiday films?

3. I had one of those NSS moments yesterday - So I'm planning this book, see, but the main character is a man and most of what I'm good at writing (around here) are strong female leads (in no particular order: Anita Blake times one million, Ziva David, Dawn Summers, Rory Gilmore). It occurred to me that one of the reasons I'm having trouble moving forward is the gender of my lead character because frankly boys are confusing. I'm trying to re-work the book with a female lead. Will advise.

4. If you're into mash-ups, I totally recommend heading over to DJ Party Ben's site. His Galvanize the Empire (Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams) rocks my socks.

5. Mostly, I'm just writing to say hi :)


Oct. 26th, 2008 12:50 pm
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Hey kids. Just doing some Sunday crossover fic reading, and I've got a rec for you!

Corner of Your Eye by [ profile] maychorian
A Stargate SG-1/Supernatural crossover
Summary: Jack O'Neill is not very good at being retired. Dean Winchester is not very good at staying out of trouble. And there's something lurking in these here woods...

The link takes you to the story 'verse master page. I love this; the banter between Jack and Dean is awesome. She really nails Dean's character (Dean at 26 - just before the show begins). It's a lovely read.

Recs post

Mar. 28th, 2008 06:00 pm
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I'm intellectually dead today, and the writing will not come to mind. So a few recs in the obligatory "Look I have a shiny new fandom!" way

Macro recs:

TW: Now all they need is a musical episode! Torchwood/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover macros

TW: I have night terrors: Torchwood/Gilmore Girls crossover. For the epic win. (From 2x06 Reset)

TW: Assorted Torchwood stuff (up to 2x06 Reset). PS Totally check out the alt text.

DW: In AD 2101, War Was Beginning. Yes indeed, someone has set them up the bomb. Back with the Ninth Doctor.

Three lovely Torchwood fics that I like )

Vid recs (and there are some youtube embeds). No spoilers past Something Borrowed I think.
Torchwood, like Livejournal, knows drama. )

And then some Doctor Who vids, which is appropriate with the show coming BACK SOON but not soon enough )

And an added bonus of Stargate Atlantis:
The Pegasus Tinies: A Dreadful Abecedarium, with Selected Illustrations by [ profile] argosy and [ profile] _kiden
The illustrated alphabet of death.
I say: Do I need to say more than, "I is for Iratus, got squashed like a bug" ?
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Why didn't anyone tell me about [ profile] icanhazstargate? 4srs!

If you have some spare time, check out the luverly macro series by [ profile] bladeachilles, in which:

a) Sheppard accidentally announcing his Sekrit and True Lorve affair with McKay
Part I
Part II
and Part III


b) Sheppard goes looking for his daddy - it's crossover-tastic! Srs, I roftlol'd.
Part I
Part II
and Part III

In other news, I'm on a SGA kick. I love this show. Anyone know of any SGA/Lord of the Ring crossovers? I'm just curious.
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PS If you haven't, you should vote/check out the TTH Crossing Over Awards and the ones I'm nominated for. Voting 'til Dec. 31.

So. Fic rec post! It's been a while, so this is a total potpourri of recs.

A lovely/dark Firefly fic, Inara-centred

After Serenity
by [ profile] websandwhiskers
summary: The battle with the Reavers is Inara's Serenity Valley, and she struggles with her own loss of faith and self.

Two depressing Gilmore Girls fics, Rory-centric.

berlin without the wall
by [ profile] falseeeyelashes
summary: her passport might be full, but he'll still smile at her and tell her she hasn't gone anywhere at all. (rory/jess, rory/logan)

Taking Shots for Mother Nature
by [ profile] falseeeyelashes
summary: It's the alcohol and the decadence and the swimming pool; it'st he Jay Gatsby and a date with destiny and it's the friends that aren't her own and Rory gets it now: she's become her mother without ever meaning to. AU Post-Season Five finale. (Rory/Finn)

Some SGA/SG1
Just Don't
by [ profile] crimsonclad
summary: Caldwell doesn't ask. Sheppard doesn't tell. (McShep) For the [ profile] sga_flashfic Post Secret challenge, which btw was made of win.

---Are the Ori
by Aesop
summary: What are the Ori besides 'hallowed?' (this story is seriously hilarious)(and SG1 season 10 spoilers, I suppose)
*This one is also nominated at the TTH COA awards for Best Other non-crossover - I voted for it and you should considering doing the same :D*
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The gods in payroll have smiled on me, and now I have a little extra cash to spend. Only a little, so I'm contemplating buying one thing only: an ergonomic office chair.


I last recc'ed this in March, 2005, but it's still awesome.

Blood Magic by [ profile] gatewaygirl: A Severitus response. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.

It's certainly interesting in light of what happened in Deathly Hallows *cough* One thing I like about this story is how it's both sweet and pragmatic.

PS I hate writer's block. Of all the characters in Harry Potter, why does Remus have to be the most difficult to write?
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In the midst of not having any fic for you, I have some recs. Sort of. Rather like old-time rock and roll, these are some of the oldies, things I've written before and that really need a little more love. Also, if you're here for Inevitable and Dawning Light, please stay for the rest!


Alice's Room (Firefly) : River lives in a world of her own... more true than even she knows. (In which I delve into the mind of a fragile, dangerous little girl...)

Different Eyes (Firefly/Anita Blake) : Serenity gets four new passengers and, as usual, things are not as they seem. (In which I create the strangest crossover ever. After all these many months, I still love this story. It's got all those elements that one might strike off as Mary Sue-isms, but it works, and mixing of the 'verses doesn't feel forced)

In The Key of Major Finn (Gilmore Girls/BtVS) : Years later, Lorelai liked to start the story like this: One sunny summer Connecticut day, Adonis walked into the Dragonfly Inn. Riley Finn and Lorelai Gilmore -- two messed up people who need someone, and he drops into her lap. This pairing came to me out of nowhere, and it's still so much fun to read.)

Obituary (Anita Blake/BtVS) : Beside a snowy grave in St. Louis, Joyce found the one person she never expected to see: her dead brother's missing son. (This story still makes me cry. Seriously.)

Booty Call (Anita Blake) : Anita's in a quandary. It's 3 a.m., she's hankering for some male companionship, and she has absolutely no idea how to pull this off (Set immediately after "Killing Dance"). (Back when Anita and Jean-Claude were still a new couple. This is one of the cute ones...)

Family Hour (Anita Blake) : Anita is about to meet Micah's family for the very first time... what could possibly go wrong? (In which I give Micah back story and make myself like him just a little more.)

Kryptonite in the Palms of Her Hands (SGA) : Teyla hadn't spoken in three days. (Sometimes, a challenge just makes you sit up and write something *good*. I wanted to write an alien story where things weren't fixed, didn't get better. This is it.)

Hey Little Sister (SGA/SPN) : John Winchester has no illusions about his family. That's why he's never told the boys where they came from. (Because the only thing cooler than John Winchester is John Winchester who is related to Elizabeth frickin Weir. Yes, I'm a Lizzie fangirl.)

Songs Across the Ocean (HP/SPN) : Even though he's still walking around, Harry Potter didn't really survive the war. (Because Harry Potter=John Sheppard is the hottest thing since sliced bread. And yes, I mix my metaphors.)

Darkness Waits (AB/LoTR) : Darkness may sleep, but she has seen all. (Okay, I take it back. This is the strangest crossover in the history of the universe.)
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Hey kids. Watching a new Gilmore Girls and a new House last night melted my brain and so I have some fic recs for you.

Firstly, because there's news on the horizon that GG will be renewed for season eight:

Just Mates Gilmore Girls, (Rory/Finn, NC-17) by [ profile] girloftheq
Summary: When Logan's away...Finn and Rory are left behind.
Mhal says: I have a soft spot in my heart for Australian boys (oh, those summer days of yore) and enjoy everything Finn. Plus this is pretty hot.

Then, some crossover love:

The recovery of a sick man (SPN/Sandman) by [ profile] vaznetti
Summary: Mary has no fear of death.
Mhal says: A bittersweet, melancholy look at Mary. Death has some of the most amazing lines. While short, this fits together so very well.

Finally, two House MD fics
Two series that are ongoing, by two authors that really get House's character. I squee whenever I see a new installment.

Family, Friends and Other Complications by [ profile] namasteyoga (This is part 12, all former parts linked in the post)
Summary: Greg House, as seen through the eyes of James Wilson and Blythe House (mostly pre-series).
Mhal says: Even though the character only had three minutes of airtime, the author uses the character of Blythe House to examine Greg House. What makes this stand out to me is that Blythe doesn't really know House, but the person she does understand is Wilson. The weird symbiotic relationship between House, Wilson and Blythe is fascinating.

Essential Elements of Teamwork by [ profile] asynca (This is linked to part 2.7, with the other links in the post)
Mhal says: The central characters are "Wilson/House/Cuddy", and the way the story is tending, I think those slashes are indicative. I love me a good OT3. At this point the story is House/Wilson, and it's hilarious. House has not been changed by the love of a good man, and Wilson is lusting after Cuddy like a burning thing on fire. But that's not nearly the whole story. This story makes me so happy. It's funny and intelligent and so wonderful. You should read it. Dear god, read it.

Anyone out there on the flist going to Norwescon this year? I've never been to a con before, but I've got a pal going and it's on my mind. Thoughts?

K thnx nite.
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1. I want to write a story called "Dawn of the Dead" that has nothing to do with zombies.
2. I'm actually doing research for the House/Gilmore Girls/Supernatural fic that I told myself I cannot possibly write.

3. I've posted FIVE entries to the fic prompt from a few days ago. Go enjoy them, kids. There's four Dawning Light fics and one House/BtVS cross, which is quite fun if I do say so myself. I'll keep you guys apprised of how things go.
Link: If you want them all in random order
Link: If you like some LJ-cut organization in your life.

4. And some recs! I've been collecting them for a while.

SGA and SPN in crossover and straight form )
House MD (OT3, House/Cuddy/Wilson) It's interesting how all these have Wilson taking charge. Sexy-like. )
And the rest of the House recs )
And an added bonus: The best House fanvid ever:
House v. Prison Break by [ profile] pixel_876
Summary: House meets Prison Break. Love.
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Morning, everyone. I've updated the Anita Blake/Harry Potter crossover fic listing, adding six stories and taking out dead links.

In particular, as I know someone was asking, the link to "Harry Potter and the Throne of Rock" by Wolfcub2211 has been fixed.

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Firefly drabble
She Does Not Comprehend
by [ profile] maantre
Summary: It was a mistake

Mhal says: A lovely drabble, in very much the River-voice.

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
by [ profile] trollprincess
Summary: Dean gets a visitor as a child.

Mhal says: This is a very, very creepy story

excerpt )

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural crossover (Sam/Lorelai)
Lost Words and Lookalikes
by [ profile] pheebs1
Summary: Sam is in a small town, and he’s being mistaken for some other guy.

Mhal says: There's something so very wonderful about Sam/Lorelai. It's less complicated than Dean/Lorelai (pure GG) and still so bad. PS this is NC17.

Gilmore Girls (Lorelai/Dean) (because it's just that wrong)
by [ profile] pheebs1
Summary: Lorelai is drunk and feeling sorry for herself. (Post series six)

Mhal says: I don't know why drunk!Lorelai appeals to me, but she's nutty. Pheebs totally nails Lorelai's voice here, and it's nice. Reeeal nice.

And about the next two: More smutty Dean/Lorelai. What else do I need to say?
Love In The Time of Cauliflower
by monimala
Summary: He needs to tell Taylor that the few heads of cauliflower left over from last week's shipment are starting to develop a strange fuzzy texture and that they won't sell. But, somehow, that's the last thing on his mind as he crashes against the freezer doors that host a small collection of Jeno's pizza rolls and Jose Ole products and finds himself caught between a Lorelai and a hard, cold, place.

and a sequel:

One Hundred Years of Cantaloupe
by monimala
Summary: He's re-stacking a pile of cantaloupes in a nice triangular formation when he feels the warm whisper against his ear that makes him tense up and glance, quickly, around the market for eyes not attached to potatoes. Husky, seductive, and...oh, yeah... But "I'm placing you under citizen's arrest..." is not exactly what he hopes to hear come from her pouty lips.
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Avast! It's not Talk Like A Pirate day, but it is Thursday, and so for you I have an assortment of fanfic recs. Multi-fandom, because.

Crossover love, in the shape of a barrel organ fanfic!
Detour by [ profile] houses_on_fire
Fandom: Supernatural x Millennium
Characters: Sam, Dean, Ellen, Frank, Jordan
Summary: Ellen points the Winchester boys to an unusual source for help.

Some Harry Potter: (And it's the best HP in ages. Srsly)
The Physics of Limbo by [ profile] gunderpants
Pairing/characters: Gen; Luna Lovegood and Sirius Black
Summary: Luna Lovegood falls down the rabbit-hole.

Then two Supernaturals, one that made me CRY and one that made me go mrow. In that order.

Interesting Times by [ profile] trollprincess
Summary: Dean doesn't even think about the curse until the next morning, and by then it's too late.
Angst Warning!

All the hurt geography I own by [ profile] oxoniensis
Pairing: Sam/Ellen
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Through Crossroad Blues
Summary: Men walk into her bar every day. Young men, old-looking young men, grizzled, surly, hunters, travelers, lost folk and a few she can't place. She serves them; come closing time, she kicks them out. No one stays, 'cept Ash sometimes, and he don't count, not really. She remembers their names when she's serving them, forgets them soon as they're out of sight. It's the way she likes it. Now. One time, it was different, but there's no call to go remembering the past.

Then a Stargate Atlantis
Happy Beginnings by [ profile] seldear
Pairing: drama, futurefic, John/Teyla
Summary: Rodney glances down at his computer tablet and begins poking at the readings there with short, frantic movements. "She's not just in the city - she is the city!"

And lastly, my brand new fascination, Gilmore Girls (and the deliciously wrong pairing of Lorelai/Dean). All sorta porny.

Put It in Your Pantry with Your Cupcakes by [ profile] mcee
Summary: "Dean," she starts, and nothing good as ever come out of her saying his name like that.

How To Misbehave by [ profile] hkath
Summary: Lorelai teaches Dean about slacking off in style.

A Little Sugar in My Bowl by [ profile] jwynn
Summary: Dean kisses like he’s Bull Durham- long, slow, deep, and wet. Or at least determined to light a backdraft in Lorelai's soul by stealing all her air and then giving it back in a rush that sets fires down her lungs and spine and lights her body ablaze like the fourth of July.

And the sequels:
Someone to Love (Part One: Coffee Dreams)
Someone to Love (Part Two: Bean Flavored Battery Acid)
Someone to Love (Part Three: Pop Tart Percolation)


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