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Michael Weatherly has an interview in TV Guide this week about the end of this NCIS season and stuff, not with any spoilers, and I'm in love because dude, he's Michael Weatherly.

Extensive re-quoting from the interview OF JOI, plus links to the photoshoot and the YouTube of the behind the scenes at the shoot )


May. 5th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Oh, NCIS. You almost made it interesting. That said, I was almost about to watch the new NCIS spin-off Legend and then the END with the GUNS (before the Ziva bit) made me go "screw THAT".

That noise you heard at 4pm was me "saving my username" on Dreamwidth. I'll be posting everything at LJ, at least until LiveJournal starts kicking kittens for Satan or something similar. So please don't stop checking my updates here :)

And because I just wrote that, there will be fic of some kind this weekend. Promise.

PS: Thanks to [ profile] foi_nefaste for being so awesome with the DW invite :P
pps CONTAINS SPOILERS for tonight's NCIS!!!!!1eleventy!
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Hello friendly viewers! The first round of Twisting the Hellmouth's Crossing Over Awards ends on Wednesday - then things go into a second round which I'm a bit hazy on but it's been a long day.

So, go vote vote vote like a baby stoat! (For me!)

All of my nominations are up HERE with direct linkies and information.

PLEASE KEEP ME IN THE RUNNING and I'll write that NCIS/Torchwood crossover in which Timothy McGee is the secret lovechild of Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones, thrown backwards in time.

Thank you.
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From today's Fandom Secrets:

I would totally love to see someone fic this.
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Okay, NCIS totally faked me out this week.

NCIS spoilers for 'Collateral Damage' )

Thanks, NCIS writers.

PS Bring back the hottie.
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I have to admit, I love shows about serial killers. I was the biggest Profiler fangirl back in the day. I love a show from the perspective of the crime-fighters, up against an unknown enemy who is killing people for reasons unknown.

Then last night, NCIS came along and put my favourite things together.

Spoilers for NCIS 6x06: Murder 2.0 )
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So I watched NCIS 6x01 The Last Man Standing at the crack of early this morning, and was THROWN FOR THE DAY. LIKE WHOA.

I will now supply my thoughts and wisdom about the episode for you all. Yes, it's about that revelation. Big honking LJ cut for MASSIVE spoilers for NCIS 6x01 )

I love my navy cop-tastic show.
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If anyone wonders why I love NCIS, here's a short clip from the show (seasons past, mind you) to demonstrate why:

Ziva, did you kill Houdini? a youtube cut )

Sept. 23 is too far away.

Happy Sunday.
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Let's talk about the dark-haired girls used to introduce the shadowy world of crime-fighting.

Dark-haired woman, hot, trained in crime-fighting, not sure at first about the world into which she was tossed, and equally befuddled about her mysterious demanding boss and snarky chauvinistic male co-worker. And yet she soon becomes an integral part of the team, as well as the heart of the team (when the boss isn't being an aloof heartless ass for reasons that we, the viewer, initially know naught).

I am, of course, talking about NCIS (Kate) and Torchwood (Gwen), at the same time.

And I think NCIS did it better. Here's why. )

In other news

The Tin Man DVD came out recently and you should buy it. cut for casting spoilers in case anyone in the world hasn't seen Tin Man yet )


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