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Hey all. It's a lazy Monday for me up here in the Canadian wilds, and I thought I should share a couple of vid recs with you:

SGA: Runs in the Family by [personal profile] lilly_the_kid
music by Amanda Palmer
John Sheppard can run from himself but he can't run from his family. This is a pretty interesting look at how messed up John's life is, how the people in his life have been bruisied and scarred and he can't do anything to stop it. I miss SGA, and this vid reminds me of all the reasons why. Streaming and downloading at the vidder's page.

Doctor Who: Eleventh Dimension by [profile] dr_bi
Song: "11th dimension" by Julian Casablancas
No spoilers at all for season 6
This is a season 5 vid masquerading as an Eleventy vid. It's pure awesome, with a frantic editing style that matches the Doctor's crazy energy to a tee. Streaming and downloads at the vidder's page.

And as a bonus and unrelated to fandom: An amazing timelapse of nature and landscapes to the Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague. Because.

Chiemgau impressions from Mario Feil on Vimeo.

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Official (fan) trailer for Castiel: The Motion Picture

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Run, do not walk, to watch this short film on YouTube. At 2:19 minutes, it contains one of the most stunning stories I've ever seen unfold. No words, no movement, just sheer artistry.

Carousel, a short film directed by Adam Berg (Stink Digital)

YouTube embed below the cut )

Recs post

Mar. 28th, 2008 06:00 pm
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I'm intellectually dead today, and the writing will not come to mind. So a few recs in the obligatory "Look I have a shiny new fandom!" way

Macro recs:

TW: Now all they need is a musical episode! Torchwood/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover macros

TW: I have night terrors: Torchwood/Gilmore Girls crossover. For the epic win. (From 2x06 Reset)

TW: Assorted Torchwood stuff (up to 2x06 Reset). PS Totally check out the alt text.

DW: In AD 2101, War Was Beginning. Yes indeed, someone has set them up the bomb. Back with the Ninth Doctor.

Three lovely Torchwood fics that I like )

Vid recs (and there are some youtube embeds). No spoilers past Something Borrowed I think.
Torchwood, like Livejournal, knows drama. )

And then some Doctor Who vids, which is appropriate with the show coming BACK SOON but not soon enough )

And an added bonus of Stargate Atlantis:
The Pegasus Tinies: A Dreadful Abecedarium, with Selected Illustrations by [ profile] argosy and [ profile] _kiden
The illustrated alphabet of death.
I say: Do I need to say more than, "I is for Iratus, got squashed like a bug" ?


Jan. 30th, 2007 10:11 pm
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Okay, so we've all see "Supernatural In The Park", right?

That Supernatural vid set to the Southpark Megamix?


What do you mean, you haven't seen it?

Dude, John Winchester as Chef!

Dean as Mr. Hankey!

And Cartman!

At the same time!

Why haven't you seen this yet?

Go. Now. Youtube it, download it, marry it.

linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky


(* public Supernatual announcement)
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Hey kids. My Christmas gift to you? More recs.

Smallville - "Change (in the house of flies)" - Clark/Lex by [ profile] obsessive24.
Summary: Clark. Lex. Between the tightrope and the abyss.
Spoilers: Seasons 1 to 3, plus additional graphics.

Mhal says: This is quite possibly the best Smallville vid I've ever seen. I had shivers the whole time. It's technically amazing, as if all of [ profile] obsessive24's work, and the story in the vid is really freaky.

And in crossover land:

D A R K (Supernatural/Dark Angel) by [ profile] misread_
Summary: Crossover video between the shows Supernatural and Dark Angel

Mhal says: A trailer of sorts, featuring lots and lots of Jensen Ackles, and you can never have too much Jensen Ackles.

PS: I changed the journal's layout to one of the new lj seasonal themes. Penguins! And I hope you like it; the other option was panic-inducing violet squid.
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Yeah, I know. Where's the fic? I'm working on it, trust me.

So for now, two fun things:

1: Over at [ profile] stargate_still, the recent special contest was to make a cover for an SG fanfic. I'm utterly gleeful in that the winning entry, by [ profile] obaona, was for my Teyla and John friendship SGA fic, "Kryptonite in the Palms of Her Hands". It's just so pretty and tells the story with images! Award post here .

Image behind the cut )

2. Not mine, but zomg fun.
BSG Fanvid by [ profile] beerbad: Promiscuous Girl (Kara/Laura)
Mostly, I love this because Starbuck is hot like a burning thing on fire, but also because I less than three Mary McDonnell. Yeah, this is all femme-slashy without being slashy, and just fun. Also because of that thing Starbuck does with her tongue.

off to find cold medication


Dec. 11th, 2006 12:12 am
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Rec post!

First off, in my patriotic mood:

I am Canadian!" An SGA parody vid, in which Rodney McKay is proudly Canadian (to the tune of that Molson ad).

Then some SPN recs:

First off, a crossover.

The North Side of My Town Faced East (And the East was Facing South) by [ profile] mcee
Summary: You couldn't make this up if you tried... or could you?
Fandoms: Supernatural & Gilmore Girls
Rating: PG

Mhal says: ZOMG character slippage! Or whatever you call it when the characters played by the same actor play together in crossover land. This one is just excellent, because of the whole premise (SPN v Gilmore Girls!) and the last line.

Then a fic that is a) Wincest, of a sort, and b) may not be safe for Australian readers due to references to underage sex.

you always did prefer the drizzle to the rain by my fave Supernatual author, [ profile] flipmontigirl
Characters: Dean/she. John.
Warnings/Ratings: NC-17.. et. Wincest. Underage sex.

Mhal says: I"m probably going to hell for this one. But as with everything [ profile] flipmontigirl writes, I'm fascinated. Her use of language, the realism of characterization involved... Love.

And two bonus SGA recs!

Fitting In by [ profile] ana_grrl
Summary: Atlantis isn't the SGC.
Rating: R
Mhal says: aka Lorne/Everyone in Atlantis except Sheppard (So not making this up). I like this as Lorne is my fave redshirt. He's hot and shiny and got that grin. Oh baby.

Lantian-journal by [ profile] mklutz and [ profile] ana_grrl
When you transport a large body of nerds to a different galaxy, you have to expect that they’ll miss some of the comforts of home. Favorite DVD collections (even if they did have everything downloaded to back-up hard drives), SciFi Fridays, their book collections, figure collections, memorabilia collections and, most of all, the internet. So obviously Rodney set up a local AtlantisNet pretty quickly. Every person in the expedition had an allotment of personal space and a large portion of space was dedicated to various in-city net programs, including the bane of Rodney’s existence: LantisJournal.

Mhal says: I loled. Hell, I even rotfloled. This is why you should never livejournal at work! (Especially if you work far, far away)
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Hey s'up folx. Some stuff:

1. Fic recs! I updated the HP/AB crossover list today. read the new ones here )

2. A Farscape vid rec: Don't Panic by [ profile] ascian3. It's for all four seasons and it's beautiful. (Also here)

3. This whole working thing is hard. Fic soon. Also? Ikea is evil. They take all my money.

2 vid recs

Aug. 6th, 2006 01:49 pm
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*bangs head against wall on ficathon entry* Oh, wretched, wretched fic. You wouldn't think that 2,500 words of SG1-BtVS would be so damned hard.

Anyway, two vid recs:

First, the oldschool vid: a Lois and Clark vid from [ profile] obsessive24, That's All. It's just *fun*. Those two are so sweet.

Then, a Dr. Who vid: Through Glass, by Milly. Contains heavy spoilers for the end of the most recent season. Now, I've never seen an episode of Dr. Who in my life, but watching this vid seriously makes me want to start. This is an excellent piece of work, folks.
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We interrupt this regularly scheduled hiatus to bring you a vid rec.

It's got Stargate Atlantis, and it's a thought-provoking and serious look at the team dynamic.

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I thought I'd organize my tags a bit more, and now have split up my fanfic recs and my fan vid recs. Also, a couple of links if you're looking for quality fan vids:

The Video Elite award site: Has the winners of their monthly vid search (on this linked page) and under "Resources" you can find a pile of vid sites for almost every fandom.

An LJ community with good vid recs in many fandoms: [ profile] vidder_weekly. Not much activity recently, but they've got great past posts with tons of recs.

Lastly, for my latest fandom obsession, a Stargate Atlantis vid, in case you haven’t seen it:
Stress (Rodney McKay) by Rache and Sandy ([ profile] wickedwords and [ profile] sherrold)
This is quite possibly the best McKay vid I've seen, and the song matches so well. *pokes* go download.


And for those of you who don't vid, some talk on the complication that is the latest chapter of Inevitable )

Oh god, you have no idea how hard it is to find an icon for this post. I need to change up my icons. Here, I'll use this one:
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Fic news: Meh. Balancing Act part Three will be out soon. Then Magnolia, but maybe that'll happen after X3 comes out (seeing as how it's set after the first movie and nothing will change). And in this time also comes Promises part II. Also, I realized the other day that the next Anita Blake book comes out soon (like, end of June, right?) so I now have an official deadline for Inevitable!

That's a lot of writing.

So, here, have some fan vid recs! Three is a nice round, er, odd number.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Brothers and Sisters by [ profile] obsessive24.

This vid focuses on Glory and Ben. I'll be honest, in seasons five of BtVS, I didn't really care too much about Ben, but this vid puts the focus on him and what he's going through. It makes me actually give a damn about the raw deal he got.

Firefly: Must Be Dreaming by [ profile] corn_child013 (first vid on the Firefly page)

This is a very fast-paced Serenity vid, River-centric. The main gist is this: Is what River is experiencing real? Is it a dream? How can she know? The cuts between scenes are so fast, but in a clear way, that the viewer cannot know. River's emotions, her fragile mental state, carry across well. I love it (and the end was excellent in nine thousand ways).

Harry Potter: The Boy Was A Puppet by [ profile] wistful_fever

This vid sums up all that Harry is going through, all he's been forced to endure as a puppet of those around him (Dumbledore, Voldemort, the Ministry). It puts a very stark face on what Harry is going through.

Go download them!
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Two fan-vid recs

Both by Nicky over at

Angel - Wesley/Illyria
"And - Kiss Me" (Third from top)
Song: Knife Prty by Deftones.

A look at the last season of Angel, through the Wesley/Illyria arc. It's not at all happy, but a very moving look at what Wesley experiences. Beautifully edited.

Firefly - Mal/River
"Body" (Third from top in the Firefly section)
Song: Body by The Servant

This vid is making me into more of a River/Mal shipper than anything else. This vid begins with a focus on River, then slips seamlessly a Mal focus. Tee other is always the observer, and the way it's edited, we know they they are always on each other's mind. This is wonderfully edited. The last minute is amazing.

I highly recommend you view these vids.
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I just had a really horrible idea for a Firefly fic. River-centric, all depressing and deadly and draining. Maybe I'll drabble it in a couple of days.

To counteract the horrible thoughts, go download the alternate Firefly opening from [ profile] obsessive24: Go to her website and scroll halfway down to "Firefly Friends". It's just above the Gilmore Girls stuff. Why should you download it? Because it takes away all the pain.

While you're at it, check out the rest of her stuff. It's rocking.
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Morning, kids. While I'm writing all my various variouses, I like to sometimes watch fan vids, gets me back in the fandom. If you're a Smallville fan, you should really check out Charles's Smallville Excape.

I recomend :

Kryptonix: Think a movie trailer type that plays off a Matrix theme, featuring all the strange types in Smallville. It's an amazing ride. Plus, you can see my brother for half a second in the bar scene.
S-Files: An X-Files/Smallville crossover vid, and it's great. The X-Flies crew are looking at strange occurences, but those are all things our dear boy Clark are doing. Then it meshes into the X-Files opening credits, replacing the clips with Smallville ones.
Blackbird: Focuses on the end of season two. So poignant.
Extreme Ways: Looks at Clark and Lex, dealing with their fathers. An interesting compare and contrast. *Loves*
(I'm not directly linking because that's rude. Just to go the site as linked above, click on "music videos" and away you go)
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I've got a stockpile of show vids on my computer, but why should I hog the fun? The first in a series of recs:

Today's Buffy vid:
Llorando by Rebekah Del Rio
By OutOfMud
Link (Midway down the page)
This one always makes me get all teary. The first time I saw it, I actually cried. It takes Willow and Tara's relationship, and runs it backwards (literally, the film runs backwards). At the end, where they first meet, you've just seen where it was, and watched the consequences before the actions. The song, in Italian I think, is emotional and amazing.

Today's Angel vid:
Justify by Madonna
by someone who's name I can't find.
Wesly and Lilah's strange, strange relationship. It's a bittersweet look at how it turned out. Also a good song choice.

Today's Smallville vid:
by Charles
Link (midway over the page)
A movie trailer for Smallville, a la the Matrix. It's action and cool camera angles and all kinds of nifty shots of Clark's bum Clark's antics.


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