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I'm delurking here today to talk about the anvils Moffat has been lobbing at us all season. Namely, Dads.

Cut for spoilers for all the episodes that have aired up until now in season 6 of Doctor Who. No spoilers for next week - let's keep it that way!

Go Team Dad )

So, how are you all doing?
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So, a crack!theory about Doctor Who and the last 20 seconds of that episode:

Cut for spoilers for Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, and the crackiest theory every! )

Next week: Pirates! It'd be even better if it were zombie pirates but oh well.
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Hey all. It's a lazy Monday for me up here in the Canadian wilds, and I thought I should share a couple of vid recs with you:

SGA: Runs in the Family by [personal profile] lilly_the_kid
music by Amanda Palmer
John Sheppard can run from himself but he can't run from his family. This is a pretty interesting look at how messed up John's life is, how the people in his life have been bruisied and scarred and he can't do anything to stop it. I miss SGA, and this vid reminds me of all the reasons why. Streaming and downloading at the vidder's page.

Doctor Who: Eleventh Dimension by [profile] dr_bi
Song: "11th dimension" by Julian Casablancas
No spoilers at all for season 6
This is a season 5 vid masquerading as an Eleventy vid. It's pure awesome, with a frantic editing style that matches the Doctor's crazy energy to a tee. Streaming and downloads at the vidder's page.

And as a bonus and unrelated to fandom: An amazing timelapse of nature and landscapes to the Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague. Because.

Chiemgau impressions from Mario Feil on Vimeo.

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I tried writing this weekend and got about 2,000 words into a Criminal Minds/Castle crossover when I realized it was going in the wrong direction... and then I was out of writing time. I had to step away, and I think I can salvage it by tightening the intro, doing a character reveal a bit sooner, and getting to the meat of the crossover quicker. Normally I do this stuff after I write the entire first draft, but I just hit the wall today and knew things were going in the wrong direction.

Oh well. Baby steps. The important thing is that I did writing!

The whole reason I started down this road with this crossover is that there is a vastly under-explored area in crossovers, and that is the recent swath of New York cop shows. I personally would love to see the following crossovers:

  • White Collar and Castle (come on! they fight crime! in New York! Castle would be absolutely fascinated by Caffery. And the world needs more Diana.)

  • Criminal Minds and White Collar (come on! they fight crime! in the FBI!)

  • Castle and Criminal Minds: Because once a show has a serial killer and FBI episode, a Criminal Minds crossover is mandated by California state law.

So if I can't find these crossovers, I'm going to have to write them.

If I can get the epic Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis/Criminal Minds/White Collar/Castle crossover out of my head. Seriously.

Although, to be fair, sometimes it's ideas from these monster disasters crossovers that give me some of my best ideas. I got Inevitable out of (and I kid you not) Highlander/Smallville/Anita Blake/Harry Potter.

So yay to Sunday writing, and hopefully I can continue with this.

Change of topic: If you're into the Doctor Who and haven't already seen these: Two "missing scenes" between episodes that I think they are planning to put on the DVDs. This may be the most brilliant piece of television ever. Because: Space Gandalf. And Amy asking if the Doctor is a Space Squid. Love.

behind an lj cut to save your flist )

Oh, fandom

Aug. 26th, 2008 05:59 pm
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This is why I love fandom.

From today's [ profile] fandomsecrets

Thanks, Doctor Who!
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Doctor Who episode reaction and theories for Silence in the Library. But first, read about booze:

In North America, Goldschläger is frequently mixed in equal proportions with Jägermeister, 70 proof (35%), and occasionally peppermint schnapps to make a cocktail called Liquid Cocaine, Golden Elk or JägerSchläger. --Wikipedia

Okay, gross.

I have a theory about that character from Doctor Who's Silence in the Library (which I will lj cut; no spoilers or anything just speculation but I do use a tiny clip from the most recent season 4 trailer) )

I have nothing else to add at this point. How is everyone doing?

ETA: I lie. I've decided to re-watch Babylon 5. Damn, but I loved that show. I don't think I've seen this since it was on the air the first time.
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Just a quick drop-in to pimp a lovely theory for Doctor Who, from [ profile] mai_shiranai at [ profile] ihasatardis. It's cracky and wacky and full of lolWho goodness.

"I have what might be an over-sensitive nose for subtext. So I share with you here the fruit of my supposition for Season 4.

Spoiler images for 3x11 Utopia, 4x03 Planet of the Ood, and 4x04 The Sontaran Strategem.


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Ooh! A connection between this episode of Doctor Who and an episode of Torchwood! Don't worry, no naked Jack.

so spoilers for 4x04, The Sontaran Strategem) )
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A couple of Doctor Who links... well, podcasts from the BBC, actually.

1. "Doctor Who: The Commentaries (BBC 7): The cast and crew of Doctor Who take you behind the scenes with fascinating facts and irreverent observations on every episode of Series Four."
I just dl'd and listened to the Partners in Crime commentary and it was really fun. David Tennant's accent makes me want to move back to the old country (*Mhalachai iz ov Skottish bgnd*). Added bonus for not having to wait until the DVDs come out in like 2035.

2. David Tennant was on Simon Mayo's afternoon show on BBC Radio 5 live on April 2nd, talking about all kinds of stuff, like Series 4 (obv), the fact that he's doing Hamlet upcoming, and other stuff. Link, scroll down to April 2nd. You can just grab the MP3 of the show if you want.

PS there are lots of mini SPOILERS for stuff in series 4, nothing too out there as Mr. Tennant had the studio's talking points memorized, but it's still enough to whet the appetitive.
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Leave me alone, it's all I have.

They changed the Dr. Who themesong music? Cool. I like it.

10 episode points for Doctor Who 4x01 (Partners in Crime)
Dr. Who *spoilers* 4x01 because why not? )

Recs post

Mar. 28th, 2008 06:00 pm
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I'm intellectually dead today, and the writing will not come to mind. So a few recs in the obligatory "Look I have a shiny new fandom!" way

Macro recs:

TW: Now all they need is a musical episode! Torchwood/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover macros

TW: I have night terrors: Torchwood/Gilmore Girls crossover. For the epic win. (From 2x06 Reset)

TW: Assorted Torchwood stuff (up to 2x06 Reset). PS Totally check out the alt text.

DW: In AD 2101, War Was Beginning. Yes indeed, someone has set them up the bomb. Back with the Ninth Doctor.

Three lovely Torchwood fics that I like )

Vid recs (and there are some youtube embeds). No spoilers past Something Borrowed I think.
Torchwood, like Livejournal, knows drama. )

And then some Doctor Who vids, which is appropriate with the show coming BACK SOON but not soon enough )

And an added bonus of Stargate Atlantis:
The Pegasus Tinies: A Dreadful Abecedarium, with Selected Illustrations by [ profile] argosy and [ profile] _kiden
The illustrated alphabet of death.
I say: Do I need to say more than, "I is for Iratus, got squashed like a bug" ?
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God, this hits all the kinks. There's David Tennant (the 10th Doctor for those of you playing along at home), Shakespeare, and hot Scottish accents. Love.

Youtube of greatness (Comic Relief with Catherine Tate and David Tennant) )

Is it time for Dr. Who season 4 yet?


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