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Official (fan) trailer for Castiel: The Motion Picture



Jan. 30th, 2007 10:11 pm
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Okay, so we've all see "Supernatural In The Park", right?

That Supernatural vid set to the Southpark Megamix?


What do you mean, you haven't seen it?

Dude, John Winchester as Chef!

Dean as Mr. Hankey!

And Cartman!

At the same time!

Why haven't you seen this yet?

Go. Now. Youtube it, download it, marry it.

linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky linky


(* public Supernatual announcement)

WIP Notes

Jan. 14th, 2007 01:30 pm
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Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not dead, fic-wise. Every time I think work will let up, I am unpleasantly surprised as things increase in stressful exponentialsm.

Let's recap the WIPs for my own edification. (Not the finished fics that at this point may have a sequel)

The Front Burner stories (off-site links) )

The not sure when stories )

Are there any WIPs I've forgotten about?

All I need to do now is crack down and get back to work... after this month is over!

PS: The reason that I started to write 'Hey Little Sister' in the first place )
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1: First, some Supernatural trivia: Which two female guest stars on Supernatural were both on the 4400? This is an interesting one.

2: Then a question: Mini!Sam in Season 1's "Something Wicked" was played by Alex Ferris. Ellen Harvelle in season 2 is played by Samantha Ferris. What's interesting is that both Alex Ferris and Samantha Ferris also both appeared on "The L Word". Alex was in several episodes as Wilson, while Samantha was in Season 3's Luminous (an ep that Alex was also in). Are they related? Man, that puts a serious kink in my Ellen/Sam stuff.

3: Did you know that one term coined for the yellow-eyed demon is Celine Demon? As a misreading of "Ceiling Demon"? My Canadian soul chortled and died when I read that.

Helpless Little Girls
A Supernatural/Anita Blake crossover
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Summary: Looking back, Sam can't ever recall a time when the helpless little girl on the side of the road actually needed their help.
Fandoms: Supernatural, Anita Blake
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester v. two Anita Blake vampires.
Genre: Gen, ficlette
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW and Kripke. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. No profit has been made from this fic, and the only benefit to me is personal satisfaction and the creative process.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up to Supernatural 2x08, Crossroads.
Words: 1,300
Note: Name the movie I took this title from, win a prize. This came from me wondering what might happen if I crossed Dawning Light with Supernatural (not a DL/SPN crossover, however).

Helpless Little Girls )
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I am so in love with Supernatural.

Okay, so: In this week's director's cut clip on the CW website, we learn a little more about Dean and his technology ineptness. Cut for spoilers but not anything related to the point/plot of the upcoming episode )
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Cry Little Children
A Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis crossover
by [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Summary: John Sheppard doesn't talk about his past. That doesn't mean he doesn't remember each and every moment.
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW and Kripke. Stargate Atlantis belongs to MGM/UA, Gekko Productions et al. No profit has been made from this fic, and the only benefit to me is personal satisfaction and the creative process.
Rating: PG for content
Words: 660
Spoilers: A tiny spoiler from the first episode of Supernatural 2x01. Set in the SGA universe.
Note: Not really sure where this came from. Just obsessively re-watching SPN and *bam* a plot bunny. I had to write this to get it out of my system, so I can continue working on Balancing Act 5. In this story, I figured that Sammy wasn't the first generation of the children.

Cry Little Children )

Also, meta about Dean's utter, consuming grief post SPN 2x01 )


Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:17 pm
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Oh, Supernatual wuv. I'm four episodes into the first season, and I love it so. I have some unanswered questions of course, which I'm sure I'll get answers to soon, but yeah. *swoon*

Next up is Bloody Mary, which I may have to watch in the bright daylight. I had nightmares about that urban myth when I was in elementary school.

Oh, and I have the perfect idea for a Supernatural/Anita Blake crossover. It's going to include violence and ghosts. Love love. I'll watch the rest of the season first to make sure the idea isn't shattered by upcoming events.

A word of advice: If you're ever writing a cover letter or sending in your resume for a job, please make sure you've spelled the position title correctly plztnx. Also, please spell-check your resume before hitting "send".

They were filming Smallville at my university today and I took a picture of the sound van:

Yes, I fangirled. No, didn't see anyone. C'est la vie.


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