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So, anyway looking back:

Pros to the year:

I did a lot of work on letting shit go, and trying to live the understanding that other people are living their lives and doing their best and that’s not a reflection (negative or positive) on me. Basically all those life lessons in Hands of Clay that the dads are taking time to impart on the kids, that’s my personal philosophy this year.

Did a lot of writing this year, but not as much as previous years - I figure that it was all quality writing so it’s still a win.  An overview of the last three years (numbers from AO3 + my crappy math)

  • 2013: 204,942
  • 2014: 267,071
  • 2015: 198,484 (plus hundreds of crappy tumblr posts)

Things that were crap in 2015 for me personally:

  • a ‘mid’-life crisis and the ever-present crippling fear of death
  • My PMDD kicked my ass over the first part of the year.
  • While work is good, there are Circumstances Outside My Control coming down in 2016 that I’ve been worrying about quite a lot.
  • I spend too much goddamned money.

Resolutions for 2016:

  • Write more consistently
  • Get more sleep.
  • Drink less caffeine and alcohol (we say that every year don’t we)
  • Do at least 5 ‘races’ this year (10K walks, probably, or maybe a 5K shamble run)
  • Make it through.

what about you? what are you hoping for in 2016?


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