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tomorrow is my 8-year anniversary at my current job. I'm of mixed emotions about that... the people are great to work with and we're doing really important work and I really believe in our mission (and I do have to be honest I get paid quite reasonably and i get six weeks of vacation and a pension plan and I am fully aware of how well-compensated i am).

But it's been 8 years, and while I'm always doing new things and new work and new projects, I wonder if I'm letting 'being safe' employment-wise and financially hold me back from seeking new challenges that might advance my career quicker.

But quicker towards what? Where?

I don't know the answers to that.

But yes. Eight years.
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so i’ve been feeling like a straight up zombie for months now and i went to my doc and said hey is the depression (like she’s been low-key suggesting medication for like two years now and i”m not quite there yet) and she said probably but (and she sighed dramatically) we should test your iron just in case and anyway the joke’s on her, I’m like three ug/L away from serious iron deficiency. Take that, medical profession.

(I mean, I also still have depression, it’s just not what’s currently causing me to feel like I’ve operating on 2 hours sleep a night for 6 months)
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as an aside, yesterday when I was getting flowers for my particular mother, the lady there said “Happy Mothers Day!” to me and I’m like yeah I probably do look that tired.

K i had brunch at my parents’ today, and we had the most delicious oatmeal raspberry scones (I’l trying to source the recipe). The menu was:

  • Poached eggs on english muffins with cream cheese and smoked salmon, garnished with chives, fresh dill, and capers<
  • oatmeal raspberry scones
  • maple pepper bacon
  • an orange-grapefruit-raspberry fruit salad with a garnish of mint (the fruit was sweet enough to not need additional sugar)

our table:

The fresh dill really carried the egg dish.


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